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Apr 11, 2007 09:01 AM

Best place for Chinese in Calgary

I LOVE chinese food but my significant other isn't really a fan. His comment last night suggested that he loved the taste but the experience always left him with this giant stodgey greasy horrible feeling in his stomach that he really doesn't like.

I am going to chalk that up to bad experiences and that he doesn't actually dislike the cuisine.

When I lived in Vancouver we went to great chinese places and now whenever I go back we head over to Sun Sui Wah because in my opinion it is great. I'm needing a chinese food fix that is of that quality. I know I can make him come around.

So my question is, what is the BEST Chinese restaurant in Calgary, we are not interested in buffets but suggestions for Dim Sum would also be great!

(I've been to Vietnamese places and I'm pretty loyal to Oriental Phoenix so don't try to tempt me away!!)

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  1. Okay, so I'm not going to claim these are the "best" in Calgary but they are the ones we go to quite often. We really like Spicy Hut on Edmonton Trail South (203B 4 Street NE) because they have both Chinese & Thai so you can get both instead of focusing on one or the other. We also like Dragon Pearl in Ingelwood. They make a great salt & pepper squid. As for Dim Sum we like Regency Palace in Chinatown b/c they have a selection of Dim Sum that you can pick up from the steam tables instead of having to wait on the carts. This is a definite plus when you have kids & they're starved. Hope this helps.

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      Add another vote for Spicy Hut on Edmonton Trail +

    2. Chinese restaurants vary so much.... are there any particular dishes you are looking for? or styles of food (cantonese, schezuan, etc.)?

      I just had dimsum at Forbidden City and it was really good. You order off the menu, which I actually prefer, but their selection is a little limited compared to Silver Dragon. Sometimes you just don't want to wait while coaxing a one year old to stay seated.

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        I love Golden Inn in Chinatown. I find the quality to be very good but I always go with a regular that gets special treatment and it's usually after midnight. I have had great dishes at Harbour City as well. It's all about what you order though.

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          Silver Dragon is in top form these days. Calgary Court for Hong Kong stylie, Dragon Pearl in Kensington does white-man's-Chinese to perfection. Really, there's lots of great places in Chinatown. I've eaten in Vancouver's Chinatown a number of times and have never had as good as food as you can find in Calgary.

      2. we like Harbour City for dim sum; Han's for Taiwanese-style beef noodle soup and some incredible braised cabbage, and for the kung pao chicken; Double Greeting for really cheap and fast HK style diner food (or so I'm told), and Calgary Court/Sun Chiu Kee (same owners) for HK style fusion (spaghetti done lots of ways, creamy curry sauce w/ everything, as well as congee that is the best I've tasted, not that I'm an expert).

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          John....for the life of me I CAN'T FIND HAN' matter how hard I try? Am I crazy or is there a trick to finding the place??? I want the cabbage and kung pao chicken! (it sn't deep fried is it?) :) thanks!

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            Susan- Han's is in the City Centre mini-mall on Centre St, west side of the street- there used to be Timothy's on the corner and it's another coffee place now (Cafe Milano?). There is a iittle food court w/ Veggie House there and next door is Double Greeting Snack House- this is INSIDE the mall- go further down that corridor and just inside the NORTH entrance is Han's! It's TINY so easy to miss.

            The kung pao is... I honestly can't remember but it's definitely not deep fried like katsu; it might be sort of pan fried but I cannot recall exactly (been too long!).

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              Here Susan. It's on the North side of the mall. You can enter from either the Centre street side (East Side), or the North Side, which faces the side entrance to U & Me.

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                One thing to note that hasn't been mentioned here - Han's is CASH ONLY - make sure you bring enough bills!

          2. We do dim sum at the Central Grand on 16 ave and Center N. They're busy so the food turns over quickly and they have variety.

            1. Forbidden City for dim sun—innovative, fresh, and delicious. I would have recommended Silver Dragon as well, but when I went this past Saturday, many of the dishes were cold and lacked the usual quality consistency (veggie rolls falling apart, too greasy glutinous rice balls). It might have just been the time of day (around 12:30pm, or later in the dim sum rush) and our table location (in the little room next to the fish tank).

              Bobby Chao's does wok stuff well, and we like going there for rice + communal dish dinners. Forbidden City, though a bit pricier, always has top-notch dishes, particularly its hot pots.

              Ditto to Calgary Court/Sun Chiu Kee/Pebble Street: the owner of these places knows HK style well and the food is great value. Happy Valley has excellent Chinese butcher/barbeque items, particularly its barbequed pork (get ribs if you can) and tasty dishes in the "congee-noodles-rice" format.

              Can anyone report on MBA, recently opened next to Calgary Court? I've heard good things but haven't been yet.