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Amalfi food in Narragansett RI

kcrawford55 Apr 11, 2007 08:45 AM

My fiance and I are planning our RI wedding (we live in DC) and have heard of Amalfi in Narragansett as an option for the reception. For anyone who had attended a wedding there-- how was the food? Or, for regular dining- what did you think? Any guidance is appreciated!

Also, any recommendations for other sites is appreciated as well.

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    TrollKing RE: kcrawford55 Apr 11, 2007 12:59 PM

    I ate there with a group of friends in the Summer of 2005. I had the paella and it was great. As a whole, the meal and the service was outstanding. No one left disappointed.

    1. k
      karlssoni RE: kcrawford55 Apr 11, 2007 06:11 PM

      Try here: http://www.stonehouseclub.com/

      1. j
        jgoodelman RE: kcrawford55 Apr 11, 2007 06:25 PM

        I lived in Narragansett for 2 years, never ate at Amalfi. Try the restaurant called Spain. It's great!

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        1. re: jgoodelman
          JaneRI RE: jgoodelman Apr 12, 2007 05:47 AM

          When was the last time you ate at Spain? The food is downright TERRIBLE. I gave it one last shot last summer, and the paella was laughably bad - never again.

        2. h
          hummingbird RE: kcrawford55 Apr 11, 2007 09:13 PM

          Ate there many times. Food is great, view is FANTASTIC!

          Hotel has not always been reviewed well if that is a concern.

          I only have eaten at the bar, but always have had a very good meal, Haven't been in a couple of years now, but if the chef/ower of the restaurant is still there, you'll have a very good meal.

          In Narragansett this is a great choice, the view alone is the best! Other than that you'd have to do Newport, for probably a lot more money.

          Spain is great for food, but has no view if you want ocean.

          1. f
            fruitlady RE: kcrawford55 Apr 11, 2007 09:17 PM

            There are a few wonderful spots in Narragansett to hold a wedding- The Towers and Kinney Bungelow. You would have to bring in your own caterer but both venues are absoultly beautiful. Blackstone caterers out of Newport does a terrific job. Also The Coast Guard house is just finishing all new renovations ( all of these are near Amalfi) with a new Chef and new staff. Narragansett Chamber of Commerce can assist you with The Towers and Kinney. Amalfi has recently received very high honors for their catering operations. Good Luck! Newport does offer much more choices in regards to venues and lodging...Inn at Castle Hill, Hotel Viking, Hyatt on Goat island and the Marriot-food & service at all are great. Newport also offers bed and breakfasts-another idea... Jamestown-Bay Voyage perfect for a smaller venue, offers lodging and you can not beat the view-food is outstanding.

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            1. re: fruitlady
              Sean RE: fruitlady Apr 14, 2007 08:22 PM

              I have frequented Amalfi many, many times over the past four/five years. Most of the time it is quite good but I have had a few dissappointing visits. The most dissappointing thing about Amafi is that they have not changed their menu in about two years. When they first opened they regularly adjusted their menu.

              1. re: fruitlady
                Moonpie1 RE: fruitlady Apr 15, 2007 05:46 AM

                Was just thinking of the Bay Voyage Inn too----the food is great and it's a very nice wedding venue. Towers also----w/a caterer brought in.

                1. re: Moonpie1
                  kcrawford55 RE: Moonpie1 Apr 17, 2007 08:43 AM

                  Thanks for everyone's comments! We fell in love with the Towers and are now identifying potential caterers (Blue rocks, plantation, morins, and blackstone are on the list). Thanks!

                  1. re: kcrawford55
                    Moonpie1 RE: kcrawford55 Apr 17, 2007 02:50 PM

                    Yay! You can't go wrong w/the Towers and you can't go wrong w/Russell Morin. Blackstone too. When is the wedding? My brother is getting married in August, and would have loved to have his wedding at Crazy Burger (he grew up in Narragansett). He and foodie fiancee are doing it in CT, though.

                    1. re: kcrawford55
                      fruitlady RE: kcrawford55 Apr 17, 2007 04:16 PM

                      You will LOVE the towers!! Great choice- there are also so many places near by to take great photos & it is still beautiful if the weather is not cooperating. I highly recommend Blackstone but all the other choices are terrific too! If you are looking for a photographer John gaspar is fantastic, out of Cranston.
                      Have fun!!!!

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