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Apr 11, 2007 08:44 AM

Danielles Tacorito in Acton??

The wife and I love mexican food. We've been to all of the local places and like Acalpolcos the best. Anyone have any first hand experience with this place? Is it just take out or is it a sit down restaurant with a bar too? A good margarita is a must.


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  1. last I was there (2000? 2001?), it wasn't too good, but I think people reported that it's changed since then...
    It's quite small - no liquor license last I knew - unless I just didn't notice.

    Anyone with more recent info?

    Oh, and this is in Acton, MA BTW

    1. I've been going here off and on since it opened and I must say, I liked it when it was a taqueria and ordered your food from the counter - burritos were ok - quick, fresh and spicy for short money -good homemade salsa too. Quality has not changed much when it was turned into a dining room/bar, but the prices really jumped up. There are a few more dinner options, but they are just so-so. Didn't like the fact that they have a margerita list with no prices, then when you get the bill you find out a quervo gold margy is over $9. Haven't been in over a year since my wife thinks its too cold in the place with the overhead fans and was not impressed with the food. Better off with a chain I think.

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        It is all right, nothing more. I like the mango margarita, but none of the food stands out. Dining room is very small. On Fri/Sat nights it is always crowded and there is sometimes a short wait. We'll go there when the Mexican food urge hits and it's too far to drive to Taqueria Mexicana in Waltham.

      2. Did you try Sierra's? They have the best margarita's, hands-down.

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          Yes, we've been. Margaritas weren't too shabby. The food was just average. We like the ultimate margaritas at Acapulcos. Patron silver with fresh juice on the rocks no salt. And its strong enough to curl your toe nails!

          1. re: uncle rico

            Although it is a bit of a ride from Acton there is Mexico Lindo in Melrose. They serve great Margaritas and their food is very good too. For very casual Mexican in a very informal hole-in-the-wall there is Tres Amigos in Stoneham on Rte 28 (less than a mile from Rte128/95). Very good and authentic food but no liquor license but I have seen people doing BYOB there.

        2. So-so. I never cared much for the food.
          Last time I was at Acapulcos the margy came out of a gun.

          1. I've eaten at Danielles for lunch a few times in the last 2 years.

            The seating is about 50% table, 50% at the bar. On busy days (Fridays, Cinco de Mayo), there's a line, so get your seats early.

            Food: Everything is made from scratch, but things tended to go towards "too heavy" for my taste. Tacos were pretty good (and came out fast). Tortilla chips (you pay extra) are decent, and the salsa is pretty good. There are usually three daily specials, but I tended to stick to the tacos (I found something I liked, so I stuck with it).

            Margaritas: I ordered on two occasions (this was lunch, remember). My opinion was that they were very strong--I prefer a fruitier blend and these had a harsh taste of tequila. They were strong enough for me to avoid ordering a second. (I ordered one a second time with a different bartender with the same results.) Danielle's also has "monthly" beer specials for a good price, although I never quite figured out how they define their month (sometimes it is as short as a week or so, sometimes it lasts six weeks...).