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Apr 11, 2007 08:31 AM

Mazzi Restaurant in Huntington Station

Had dinner at Mazzi Restaurant on E. Jericho Tpke in Huntington Station a few days ago with friends. The service was good, however, the quality of food was poor. We were disappointed, especially since it was my friend's birthday. We wanted to try a new restaurant, but had we known we would of gone elsewhere. I would not recommend this restaurant.

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  1. This place is known for its pizzas.Could you tell us what you had and what you felt was wrong.I was there many months ago and the pizza was okay. The owner was friendly and hospitable.

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      I think you must have confused Mazzi to another restaurant. There were no pizzas on the menu. I had the shrimp scampi with potatoes. (5 medium shrimps and two new potatoes and a serving of spinach) It was a very small portion and the scamp sauce was bland. My friends ordered the shrimp and crab fettucine. It was ok. The serving was reasonable and the skirt steak with mash potatoes. The steak weighed about six ounces and the mash potatoes were ok. For dessert we had the toffee cheesecake (bland), the old fashioned chocolate cake(very dry) and the apple pie (Very good!) The hostess and waitress were friendly, I however, did not like the food.
      Try Norman James Bistro in Merrick, I had dinner there last night. It's a fabulous restaurant! Delicious food and great atmosphere

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        Massa's Coal-Fired Brick Oven Pizzeria is the pizza place on Jericho Turnpike that everyone refers to as the place to buy pizza (Best of Digital City ranked this as the best pizza on Long Island).

        About a half mile east of here is Mazzi's, which is a restaurant I've never been to. In fact, one time when I was looking to call Massa's, I got Mazzi's, but it was ok, because the people at Mazzi's gave me the number to Massa's (must happen often).

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          Are you referring to Nicholas James Bistro in Merrick? If so, I'm a fan.

          1. re: MKS

            Yes, I am referring to Nicholas James Bistro in Merrick. It is a lovely restarant. Delicious food and great atmosphere.