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Apr 11, 2007 08:27 AM

Parents Visiting -- Arlington

I was hoping for some help with a visit from my parents for a Friday or Saturday dinner. Mom is a very adventurous eater and together we have had everything from 4-star high end cuisine to hole-in-the-wall taquerias. Dad is more of a meat and potatoes guy who needs at least one item on the menu that is fairly safe. Since Mom and Dad live in the land of Olive Garden and bad chinese takeout, I'd love to find something interesting for Mom, while making sure Dad doesn't have to stop at McDonalds on the way home. I'm looking for something in the $20 or less entree range near Arlington, though I'm happy to travel further out in Virginia. My folks don't walk so well, so valet/parking lot/abundant street parking is essential.


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  1. It's a little bit more than that but Ray's the Steaks is in Arlington and wonderful. Also check out Dino in Cleveland Park- good drop off points if you need to park a ways away.

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      yeah, good luck parking in cleveland park on a friday or saturday night.

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        I've never had a problem parking within a block or two of Dino even on a weekend during prime hours- just have to be willing to drive around and look.

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        We're on the same wavelength. I actually already made a reservation for Dino for one of the nights they're in town. I live in Woodley and its one of my favorite restaurants in town.

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          I'll give you another place but you are going to want to go early if it's a weekend and there is a dress code (business casual). Eleventh Street has amazing food, but it turns into a clubby/bar as it gets later. The gorgonzola pancetta burger is great, the tartar is excellent, I can keep going.

          Another option not in Arlington but within your range is Central- and there's valet parking.

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            here's an idea for parking: drop them off, then park near van ness and take the metro.

            parking in CP is a mess, especially during tourist season.

        2. Carlyle Grand Cafe is a thought - we've taken our parents there and we drop them off out front and go to park in one of the garages. If you go, definitely call ahead to be put on their wait list.


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            I second the Carlyle Grand Cafe recommendation. It's definitely on the less adventurous side, but the food is really good. The crabcakes are dee-licious!

          2. Idylwood Grill might work for you and your parents. The menu has a lot of seafood and a couple of steak items. We went recently with unadventurous friends and they were able to find good things to order. The restaurant is in strip mall behind the Whole Food strip mall on Rt. 7, just east of Tysons. There's easy parking out front and entrees generally fall without your range. I think their website is

            1. More adventurous in Arlington - Nam Viet; Layalina; Lebanese Taverna; Guajillo; Jaleo

              Less adventurous - Boulevard Woodgrill

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                Nam Viet has a Vietnamese steak dish that should suit your father very well.

                Also Punjab Dhaba in Falls Church makes a Tandoor Chicken that comes out on a sizzling platter. I think anyone can enjoy this. Ask about the dahi vada (lentil cakes) while you are there. Avoid the small buffet and order fresh.

                Another hole-in the-wall with a maintream option is the Lebanese Butcher in Falls Church. Excellent mini-sausages, kibbe, baba ganouj, but also chicken kabobs for the plain eater.

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