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Apr 11, 2007 07:53 AM

One night in Buckhead

Hi! I'm going to be staying that the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead for one night. I will be entertaining a customer and I am looking for a nice place with good wine. Any suggestions? Preferably w/in walking distance. He is from Italy so no Italian please.Oh, what do you all think about the hotel restaurant Cassis?
Thanks for your help!

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  1. Make reservations for Restaurant Eugene. A cab ride away. Great new southern dining.

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      I cannot agree more with Restaurant Eugene. It is very much worth the short ride from your hotel. Fantastic place with great service. Has been my favorite Atlanta restaurant for quite awhile. Very good wine list and a terrific sommelier. Plus, you can tell your customer that you are eating at the restaurant of a a chef who recently competed on Iron Chef. If that isn't particularly impressive it is at least amusing.

    2. across the street at the Intercontinental Hotel is a great restaurant: Au Pied de Cochon
      Location: In Hotel - 3315 Peachtree Road
      Serves: Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner
      This bustling French-style brasserie (open 24-hours) combines continental cuisine and international flavors. Choose to dine on the outdoor terrace or in doors at a private chef's table where you can witness extraordinary behind the scenes culinary action

      Also next to the Ritz is New York Prime . They have a great steak and wine list.

      there is always Chops, Lobster Bar(below Chops), Bones, and the Capital Grille.

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        I agree with NY Prime - superb.
        We also really like Kyma.

      2. I think a lot of BluePoint in Buckhead. Pretty trendy decor, but the wine list is solid.

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          Fun for a drink, but food not so good.

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            Thanks so much for all of the suggestions! I think I'll try Restaurant Eugene.
            Take care,

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              That is great, let us know how your evening was. If the mushrooms are on the apps menu get them. I have dreams of the mushrooms, they are unbelievable.

        2. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. We went to Restaurant Eugene and it was AMAZING. I didn't see anything that tickled my fancy on the dessert menu but our entrees were great! Thanks again!

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            I am so glad you went and enjoyed. It is an amazing restaurant experience!