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Apr 11, 2007 07:39 AM

Lunching in Houston

I'm around Westheimer and Kirby,and I don't like to take forever getting lunch. I like lots of flavour, good quality ingredients, and relatively light lunches. I have to avoid sugar and lots of simple carbs as I am diabetic...the pasta specials really won't do for me.

My general plan has been to call in a grilled fish taco at the River Oaks Berryhill, sqing bya dn get it, and eat at my desk.

What other decent places do you folks suggest for a tasty, uncomplicated, not foreverlong lunch?


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  1. You'll be close to the big Whole Food at Kirby & Alabama. They have a bog prepared food section as well as hot food bar & salad bar.

    1. To me your requirements suggest counter service, take-out. Ditto on the rec of Whole Foods; stuff on the buffet shouldn't have been sitting out for long by lunch time and there are ready made, chilled items, too.

      How about Cafe Express, down Kirby almost to Richmond? There are a few items there I like. A soup and salad special offers a choice of 3 or 4 'mini' sandwiches and a bowl of soup for $7.49. Kind of slow for counter service but better than sit-down, usually.

      There's ready-made sandwiches and about 8 or 10 soups to choose from at Central Market, out Westheimer @ Weslayan. Never been there at lunch time but waiting in line for a custom made sandwich is likely a long wait. Of course, there's a huge selection of ready made entrees and sides; kind of pricey.

      Probably a salad bar at that Rice Epicurean also just east of that intersection and likely also at the Randall's at Westheimer @ Shepherd (haven't been in a Randalls in years).

      Field of Green's (they claim there was some trademark infringement issue that led to the insertion of the apostrophe) on Alabama, a block or so east of Whole Foods, where Ziggy's Health Bar used to be -- haven't been but sounds promising. Owned by the same people who own A Moveable Feast (and just a block or so from where the original Moveable Feast was iirc).

      1. I don't know if this fits your needs health wise, but Yidlazar is Middle Eastern, near the Office Depot at Kirby and I think Richmond.

        I'm not a big fan of Cafe Express. After a recent mediocre meal, I complained to corporate customer service. They were very pleasant and eager to please, sent me a gift certificate. Food wasn't any better on the next go round, unfortunately.

        1. Try Stone Mills Bakers on the corner of Kirby & Alabama. They have great breads & sandwiches, but they also serve wonderful salads and soups. I have eaten there many times. There is not website to look at - just go by and get a menu.

          1. If you go just a little farther west on Richmond, just before Weslayan you will see the Pepper Tree Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant. Lunch is a buffet so you can time your lunch to suit your needs. Food is fresh, lots of choices will enable you to work around your diabetic needs. For those who can eat fried foods, the fried selections here are crunchy, fresh tasting and highly recommended.