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Apr 11, 2007 07:21 AM

Up-uptown burger

My friends and I took over a booth at Piper's Kilt in Inwood last night for a pre-Blades of Glory meal and had a fantastic time. I opted for the Bronx Bomber Burger (BBQ sauce, grilled onions, and melted swiss cheese). Go check out this place if you haven't already. The quality of the meat is excellent, similar to Corner Bistro. The bun held up to this monumental burger and contained the flavorful juices very well. If you normally go for medium rare, bump it up one notch to medium. Good services, decent selection of beers, and killer onion rings. If you don't mind riding the A train to the end of the line, you should definitely make the journey and see how this burger compares to your city favorites.

Plus, the jaunty little man in the kilt on the front of the menu started our night off on a gleeful note!

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  1. Pipers Kilt is a fantastic burger and the onion rings are great too. Its on 207th and Broadway

    1. Also a Pipers Kilt in Eastchester with a great Westchester Burger. I assume they are related, but I don't know. Thanks for the post.