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Apr 11, 2007 07:01 AM

Dante's or Sasso, what do you think?

trying to decide between the two. Been to Dante's once and really liked it (last summer), but for some reason have not been back since. Sasso sounds interesting, but it seems outrageously expensive, is it worth it?. Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm surprised that Sasso has gotten so little praise - it's a more upscale version of Lucca (same owners). We had a drink at the bar last Friday with a few apps, including gorgonzola stuffed peppers which were very tasty and slightly hot.

    We had dinner at Sasso right after they opened this winter, and enjoyed it a great deal. Yes, it's pricey, but it seems like prices everywhere have crept into the high 20s low 30s range. We shared an app off of the antipasti menu, a whole wheat crepe with wild mushrooms, leeks, escarole, and truffle vinagrette - really great and fresh tasting.

    I had a fish special, which was also very fresh and well prepared, and my DH had one of the pastas. The meal was excellent overall and service was great. We chatted with the owners for a short while and they seemed committed to making the place a success. I should compliment the transition from the last incarnation at this location, Blackfin, which I went to once with my DH and swore never to go back. I think they've done a great job with the space.

    We've never dined at Dante's, but I've stopped in to check it out, and it doesn't seem as upscale as Sasso. So it all depends on what you're looking for. Hope this helps.

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      Based on single visit, I wasn't floored by Sasso. We thought it felt like a much more expensive version of Lucca, but didn't enjoy the food as much -- and we think Lucca has really lost a step in the last couple of years. I keep meaning to try Dante, have not been yet.

    2. I have not been to Sasso, but I have been to dante twice & really enjoyed it. I posted this review in March:

      I was at dante just this past weekend & really enjoyed it...I was with 3 other people & they all really enjoyed their meals. I had a half-portion of pasta to start (gnocchi with duck) and the coffee crusted veal t-bone with wilted pea tendrils and a side of tomatoes & peppers in fontina (the side was the only part that I was not impressed with --too much cheese). DCs had the wild mushroom tart, rabbit ravioli (tasted both --very nice) angel hair with baccala meatballs & the chicken roulade. For desserts between us we had a pear tart with a nice strudel topping, the trio of choclate and the fried dough (I could eat these every day --they were perfectly crisp dough balls with a hot moist center & served with four dipping sauces). We also each a drink (prosecco, martinis), a bottle of valpolicella, after dinner drinks (moscato & some type of raspberry beer) & all told the bill came in around $360 with tip. Not bad for the amount of food & beverages. Oh, & I almost forgot --they start you off with an amuse bouche of arancini with truffled honey --divine. The service was also excellent. Our waiter Terence was very personable & professional as were the food runners & busers.