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Apr 11, 2007 06:50 AM

Dish at Peking Man

I was at Peking Man recently and saw a dish I'd never seen anywhere else before: it was a large platter consisting of white jelly-like morsels with a raw egg yolk in the centre. when I asked one of the wait staff, she simply said it was made of fish and scallop and a specialty of the restaurant. Has anyone tried this and provide some details/insight into this dish? I don't even know the name of it...

also, any other recommended dishes at Peking Man? so far I've enjoyed the cantonese chow mein, seafood chowder and peking duck here; was not impressed with their dumplings, shanghai noodles, lobster....


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  1. oh, i've had this dish - no idea about the name, someone else does the ordering when i go. it is as the waiter said, fish and scallop, but i think maybe some egg white as well. you mix the yolk into the white stuff, usually add the worchestershire-like sauce they give you and that's about it. i enjoy it, but can see that other people might not.

    i really like the crispy scallion pancake appetizer.

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      thanks, I'll try the scallion pancake next time....

    2. it's stir fried Egg Whites, it's basically a dish that uses egg whites, scallops, shrimps or other seafood to make it look and taste like crab meat.
      the way to eat it is to mix the egg yolk with the white and mix a little of the vinagar with it.

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        The Chinese name of this dish means "Fake Crab". (Or literally, "as good as crab".) No idea what English name they use.

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          Just checked their site, it's #920, Stir-fried Fish & Scallop with Egg White

      2. The szechuan beef strips are very good and unusual. The orange chicken is also good, as it isn't the usual deep fried stuff in glop. They also make a version of General Tso's chicken that is very different from any other I've ever seen. Like the orange chicken, it isn't the usual deep fried breaded chicken in sweet glop. I'm not sure how much I liked it, but it was very unusual.