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Apr 11, 2007 06:43 AM

[MSP] Seasonal venues in Twin Cities, outstate MN, Western WI?

The wonderful outdoor dining thread got the wheels turning...

Some of my favorite chow spots in the Twin Cities are seasonal, only open when the weather is nice, though, they aren't necessarily "patio" or "sidewalk" or "outdoor" dining in the conventional sense.

For instance, Conny's Creamy Cone (soft-serve ice cream mixed on the premises in a rainbow's array of flavors): 1197 Dale Street N (at Maryland), St. Paul, 651-778-8164

Or, the Dairy-ette Drive-in (pizza burgers, the terrific, though politically incorrectly named "hot dago sandwich) (in St. Paul on Minnehaha)

Certain farmers markets...

If you're up for a road-trip, the Drive-in in Taylor's Falls:

I thought about adding these to the "outdoor dining" thread, but, thought, perhaps, these kinds of places deserve their own thread. What else is there? Hot dog stands and taco trucks and barbeque carts and fruit and vegetable stands? Name them all here, please!


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  1. We just ate at Sea Salt last night Very good. We were going to get an oil pan, but they were out of oysters, so we ended up with catfish po boys instead.

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      Pumphouse Creamery and Liberty Frozen Custard, both in my neck of the woods, used to be seasonal, but they're now open year-round.

      Sebastian Joe's has a great gimmick in the winter -- the # of degrees below zero equals the percentage off the price.

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        I just visited the Sea Salt website and waddya know - they link to this board! Neato.

        I've never been to Sea Salt but since Tin Fish is just down Lake Street from me it's a goto for me. Though I see they are a bit of a chain.

        I have a relative who is always looking for an outing and I think I'll put Sea Salt on the list.

      2. I'm also going to link-in my "Cyclist-friendly chow" thread from last year, because it fits in with the overall "get outside" theme:

        soupkitten recently suggested this update to the cyclist-friendly chow thread:


        1. Wagner's Drive-In on Hwy 7 in St Louis Park - a true drive-in where you can dine in your car or on old wooden picnic tables. Great burgers and onion rings.

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          1. re: BatMan

            Wagner's definately has one of the better "basic burgers" in town. (As compared to the fancypants burgers at 112, Bulldog NE, and Vincent)

          2. I really wanted to like the Dairy-ette but didn't care much for the burgers (pre-formed and microed to melt the cheese). I'll give them another try when they reopen and try one of the unfortunately named sandwiches. Porky's on University would be summer-only in my opinion. There was some talk of Porky's opening on the west side of the river -what has happened to that? Great onion rings!
            Sea Salt is open already! Even though we are up to our necks in snow today, spring can't be far behind.

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            1. re: mnitchals

              Hmmm...haven't tried the regular burgers at the Dairy-ette. I think they are best known for the Italian'ish items on their menu--it's in the heart of the historically Italian neighborhood. They sell red sauce to go! The pizza burger is more of a nostalgia thing for me, so I can't say it's for everyone, I'd steer you towards "the unfortunately named" sandwich. Ha! Also, silly, I know, but they make their own faux "dilly" bars, which I kinda get a kick out of.

              Porky's is fun! And, though technically open year-round, it's a lot more fun when the weather's warm enough you can eat parked in your car...

              BatMan--thanks for the tip on Wagner's Drive in!


            2. The original comment has been removed