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Apr 11, 2007 06:38 AM

pf changs & cheesecake factory

Just found out that we are getting both of these places locally - should I be thrilled?

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  1. No,

    I have both near where I live, and have gone to each once( with coworkers), and will never return to either.

    If you have good chinese establishments near you there is no need to try PF Changs at all.

    The Cheesecake Factory is pretty bad as well, long waits for tables, terrible service, and large helpings of pretty mediocre food. Think of TGI Friday's on steroids.

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    1. re: swsidejim

      I love the chicken lettuce wraps at PFC, and their Beef Lo Mein.

      Do not order omelettes at CF. Very dry. Their cheesecake is good. My husband says that he has to eat there every once in awhile to remind himself why he doesn't eat there.

    2. PF Changs is really more like an "Americanized" version of Chinese food, but it is usually a very attractive restaurant, and overall it is a very nice dining experience...My son loves "real" Chinese food, but also loves PF Changs...Cheesecake Factory is a lot of fun...Their menu is huge, as are their portion sizes...I have never seen anyone finish an entree there...Be prepared to share or take home a doggy bag...Their cheesecake, which comes in many different flavors, is very delicious, as are their other desserts...Again, it is a very attractive restaurant....Think overall, there is a good chance that you will enjoy both of these restaurants. If where you live, it is anything like Dallas, it is very, very crowded, especially at Cheesecake Factory...Go on off hours, or prepare to have a long wait....Our PF Changs now will let you make reservations, but CF does not....

      1. These are the only two chains I actually have ever liked.
        I find the food to be consitant and decent.
        Nothing fantastic, but both are also fun places to go with groups.
        I love the lettuce wraps and kung pao chicken at Chang's and all the salads and the Thai lettuce wraps at Cheesecake.
        Check them out.

        1. We don't go to PF Changs because we have a really good Chinese food place that is closer and better, so we don't bother.

          I really like Cheesecake Factory, however I only order one thing, the chicken piccatta. It's the only thing I've tried. Most of the other foods do look good. Portions are large and I always have lunch the next day.

          1. I vote yeah on PF and no on CF.

            Granted I have only eaten in the Raleigh, NC PF (across from Marriott) but for a chain I thought the food was pretty good and sitting at the bar watching a ball game and eating some Chinese food was OK.

            CF I will not return to. I have a hard time eating in an environment where the goal is to maximize the amount of food on a plate. Some people will say that certain dishes are fine, but I just feel uncomfortable in these surroundings. I tried ordering cheesecake to-go, but I did not find it a good enough cheesecake to either return or eat these calories.