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Apr 11, 2007 06:31 AM

Saturday breakfast in Eastern Market

I know there is Tunnicliff's Tavern, but where else in the Eastern Market area can you get breakfast on a Sat.? I remember hearing about some popular place, where there is always a line and they have great pancakes. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Thanks!

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  1. Are you thinking of Market Lunch, inside Eastern Market itself? Fits the bill. The blueberry buckwheats are famous. Great french toast and egg sandwiches, too.

    There's also Jimmy T.'s a few blocks away at Fifth and East Capitol, but Market Lunch is a lot better. (I've heard disturbing rumors about weekend hours at Market Lunch, so do check. As for Jimmy T.'s, I've lived on the Hill since 1990 and I've never been able to predict when it will be open.)

    1. You are def. thinking about Market Lunch.

      There is a Belgium restaurant on 8th street that has a really good brunch---I think they offer it on Sat and Sun. The food is excellent, although I must warn you...the service is a bit snooty.

      1. Yes, you are thinking of Market Lunch, the small countertop/diner place inside of Eastern Market. I live nearby and go there all the time. Order the Bluebucks (blueberry buckwheat pancakes), you won't regret it. And they have great omlettes, too, as well as a to-die-for crabcake eggs benedict. If you can, go early, as the line gets long after 10:30/11 am. And they only serve breakfast on Sat, not on Sunday, when they just start for lunch.

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          If the line at Market Lunch is too much, go right across the street to Tortilla Cafe. Not much to look at, but wonderful breakfast burritos and pupusas, and as cheap as it gets for DC.

        2. I also like Bread and Chocolate. There's always a line there, but the food was great! I think that their pancakes were more like French crepes than fat American pancakes though.

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            Bread & Chocolate has the worst service of any restaurant I've ever been to. The staff seems regularly capable of ignoring people for half an hour or more, especially on weekends when it's crowded. I won't go for that reason.

            1. re: CMACDC

              I am so with you there. I haven't darkened their door for years because the service is so awful. The outpost of B & C in Old Town has better service. I recently had a beautiful brunch at Monmartre (across from the flea market), but it was a little pricy.

              1. re: CMACDC

                I was just about to type the same thing. I work in the area and use to go to Bread and Chocolate for lunch quite often. I finally had so stop because the service was soooooo terrible. The food is decent....decent at best. But it doesn't make up for the horrendous service. Especially on a busy weekend.

                1. re: Elyssa

                  We went a couple of weeks ago for Saturday lunch, and found the line moved quickly, the food was excellent, and the service whilst not perfect, was still pretty good.

                  1. re: BritInDC

                    I'm shocked! I've been probably over a dozen times...all days of the week and times and the service has always been embaressingly bad. I even considered myself a semi-regular for lunch a year or so back and it was still bad. Often times there would be 1-3 other customers there and you would still need to practically jump around to get your check brought to you. Just my humble opinion

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      I'm from the UK. I think we are used to much worse service!