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Apr 11, 2007 06:23 AM

Banana Leaf - Columbus - great experience

I tried this new vegetarian Indian place on Bethel Road with a group of friends last night and really loved it. They have South Indian and Gujarati food and it was something I've never had before. It was totally different than any other Indian food I've ever had! The owner was very nice and made a lot of recommendations. We ended up trying the buffet and the Chaat (small plate) items and were blown away by the different tastes. It is a really small place in a strip mall with no liquor license. I am already planning my next trip there - I would definitely recommend it.


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  1. That place looks terrific! Thanks for the heads up. I'm eager to see how it compares to Dosa Corner, which is more or less the same type of food.

    1. Ohhhhh the pain. Too much of a good thing. I just got back from Banana Leaf. So good. So much food. I don't know how you had room for anything in addition to the buffet. I am going to explode. I also got the same treatment from the owner, who made sure I didn't forget anything. FYI, a dosa is included in the buffet. Total cost: $10.66 incl. tax (but not tip). Can't beat that. I gotta lie down now.

      1. Banana Leaf is absolutely fantastic. The owner really goes out of his way to make you feel at home. We came in with a group of ten (we called ahead to be courteous, of course) and he had special dishes made for us on top of the chaats and the buffet. Every time I eat here I can barely drive home because I'm stuffed so uncomfortably with South Indian food.

        1. Sooo much agreement. My boyfriend and I LOVE Banana Leaf, and I'm so glad other Cbusites (Cbusonians?) have found it. The chat and buffet is amazing, but if you're ever ordering off the menu, try the Paneer in Cashew Butter. You will die of happiness.

          1. We tried Banana Leaf last week (April 2010) based on Chowhound writeups and were most satisfied. We are of Indian origin and the food is all vegetarian - an unusual combination of South Indian and Gujarati - two regions in India that offer superb vegetarian cuisine. They specialize in street food/small eats that are fried foods topped with chopped veggie bits (onion. cilantro, etc.) and many seasonings (powders, liquids such as tamarind sauce, yogurt). Buffets are offered at both lunchtime and dinnertime (we ate dinner) and endless servings are brought to the table one after the other. After finishings six varieties of chat and south Indian specialties such as masala dosa(all you care to eat) and downing five varieties of lassi (sweelened yogurt drinks) one is offered fried puris and several vegetable accompaniments that we got ourselves. The only dessert was kesri, semolina seasoned with ghee and saffron, which was excellent.
            For people who are sick and tired of so-called "Mughlai" cuisine this is a great alternative.
            The price was ridiculously low and the service by owner Mani Iyer (a south Indian; his female partner is a Gujarati) was informed and friendly.
            We were visiting friends in Columbus and now have another excuse to go back. Strong recommendations, especially if you like authentic Indian vegetarian food!!