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Apr 11, 2007 05:58 AM

Old Town or vicinity lunch recs for today

I'm having a casual lunch with a friend today and we'd like to walk around Old Town for a bit afterwards. What's new and worth trying around there or within a few miles? I thought of Rustico, perhaps; that may be too far afield, though.

Any casual and inexpensive recs appreciated - i.e. no Restaurant Eve.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. That's good because I don't think Restaurant Eve is open for lunch :)

    I believe Las Tapas might be open for lunch and even though we had a very poor experience there, I think we were just an anomoly as most seem to love that place.

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    1. re: jpschust

      Thanks. Do you happen to know anything abotu Bohio? It think it's Cuban or perhaps pan-Latin/Caribbean?

      Cocinero Cubano

      1. re: Cocinero Cubano

        I don't offhand though I'm sure some others might. The only latin/cuban fusion place that comes to mind in the DC area is Merkado which is just ok (it's not Asia de Cuba by any stretch). I know there's a few others out there, but I just can't think of them off the top of my head.

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        Just for the record, no biggie, but Restaurant Eve is open for lunch.

        1. re: chowser

          Ah that's good to know- last I heard they weren't. I'm even happier :)

        2. re: jpschust

          Eve's is open for lunch and has a fairly inexpensive one in the bar. From a small but adequate menu including wine you pick two items for $14.00. Good deal.

        3. fried mars bars and some guinness at their Eamons.
          or, just bring me some for lunch!

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            Went there for the first time last week. Best friend fish I've had in the area!

          2. Ok I think I'm late on this for yesterday's lunch outing, but Cafe Salsa has great ropa vieja.


            And Rustico was not very good when I was there a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn't recommend it. Buzz, across the street though, was a great bakery.