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Apr 11, 2007 05:43 AM

When Restaurants Run Out Of Things...

last week i was going to post about this topic but i had forgotten. i was thinking about one of my old restaurants i used to work at years ago and how some nights having to go up to a table when they sit down and say " we are out of this, and this, and this, and this..." sometimes having a whole list of popular items. this was a really nice place, and when i think about it NOW ( then i was very young and could care less ) i cant imagine how annoyed my customers were...

then yesterday my friend came into the store i work at and he is a cook. i asked him how easter weekend went and he told me it was a nightmare. he told me the owners told him last year easter weekend was DEAD, so expect the same. my friend didnt have a overly stocked kitchen, just enough to get him by for a "normal" night. well, they werent dead- they got SLAMMED and they ran out of soooo much stuff and he told me he felt like such an &*(^%$ and the customers were really upset. this conversation made me think of my initial thoughts last week. so now im posting!

what do you think? has this happened to you?

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  1. My husband has a "gift" for ordering things they are out of it....both food and drink. It's become something of an inside joke betweem us. It's worse for him than me when it happens, because he is pickier than I am in his preferences. I'm the one who is usually deciding between several things so if they are out of option one, I'll go to option two or three.

    1. There's a little neighborhood place near me that I went to a couple of times. Both times they were out of something really crucial - once it was cheese(!). Although I loved the food I will not go back there again because it's far too annoying.

      1. It has, and like Janet, I usually have another choice I can pick. If a restaurant runs out of REGULAR items on the menu (items they know the popularity of) I'd be very disappointed in that they didn't gauge quantities properly - for a holiday weekend or a regular weekend.

        With specials, it can be a bit more difficult to do so. They talk to their fishmonger that morning and get a set amount of sea bass, or whatever, and when it's gone, it's gone. Just the luck of the draw - and for what time you happen to make your reservations. The later it is, the less likely something is going to still be available.

        1. The most extreme occasion of this I have experienced was once when I was in college in Indianapolis. It was a perfect storm of eating out - Mother's day and first day of qualifying for the Indianapolis 500. We went to a local restaurant on the westside of town at about 5:30pm and they met us at the door and told us they were closing because they had run out of food. Imagine not just running out of some things but having so little food at the beginning of the dinner period that you just close down.

          1. Most of the time I'll opt for something else. However, if I've made a special trip for something I'm in the mood for, I apolgize to the staff and tell them I'll try another night.