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Apr 11, 2007 05:30 AM

Your unique New York foodie experiences


Coming to Manhattan next week from London - its my boyfriends 30th on the Friday and I want to treat him a unique to New York dinning experience, something that we probably wouldn't be able to get in London. I would be grateful for any suggestions, also how far ahead do I need to book?


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  1. Please clarify...are you coming in this Friday, April 13th?

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Sorry I am coming next week so the Friday would be the 20th, thanks

      1. re: peasouper

        What kind of cuisine are you looking for? What does he like?

        1. re: LFeinberg

          We are pretty open to suggestion really, he is quite fond of fish, rare steaks and snails!!

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            Check out: Lure Fishbar, The Stanton Social (for American tapas/small plates), Barrio Chino (great Mexican food), Wallse (Continental/Austrian influenced), The Strip House (steak)

    2. Look into WD-50. But be forewarned: people seem to either love it or hate it. I love it; you may hate it. There are a lot of reviews, both pro and con, on this board. You could probably still book for Friday through if you eat a late or early dinner.

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        As Cimui already knows. I LOVE WD50. Definitely second that..It's an experience as well as extraordinary food.

      2. Not here to suggest where to ear for dinner, but as far as something unique that you don't have in London, visit and partake of Italian pastries...I suggest Rocco's in the Village

        1. i think a world class meal at bouley or veritas is pretty quintessential. you may have some high end standouts in london but the new york experience is completely different.

          id choose bouley over veritas. begin or end the evening with drinks at brandy library, a few blocks away.

          you should be able to squeeze in a reservation...if not, call around 3pm the day of the dinner and see if any cancellations came in.

          if you want more low end, a pastrami sandwich on club bread at katz's is yr best bet.

          1. That's a good last point, Sam1. If you're not fixated on high end dining, just try the street carts in NYC. You won't find dosai or arepas stands in London--at least I never did. There are two Manhattan locations listed here: . Here's another good site:

            I'd also do a search of this board for the hidden street gems that are all over the city.

            Mexican and Korean barbecue haven't really hit London yet, either, have they? Name your price range and I'll throw out a couple of suggestions.

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              Thanks for some great ideas, my budget for the special meal is mid to expensive, seeing as its a one off.

              1. re: peasouper

                Hey peasouper (great handle!), you really ought to try Korean barbecue. Most of the best places are a little divey, but there is a pretty decent mid-scale restaurant called Do Hwa on Carmine St. with aesthetically Spartan decor. Make sure you get a table with a grill to do your own grilling (that's a lot of the fun!), but be forewarned that the smell tends to stick a bit.

                For upscale Mexican, a lot of people have recommended Centrico (Tribeca) on this board, though I haven't been able to try it, yet. The Rosa Mexicano locations (including ones in the Lincoln Center and Union Square areas) have nice decor--very hip and modern--and even though the food is criticized for being sort of gringo-ized, it's still very tasty. There's also Mi Cocina in the West Village. Decor is brighter. Decor and food both tend towards the traditional.

                For sushi, I know y'all have a Nobu in London, but seriously, ours is way better. ;) And far better than Nobu NY is Sushi Yasuda (which oonth has already recommended). Bond St. has lovely decor and passable fish. People who like maki rolls--especially neu-school ones--will point you to Nobu, Bond St, and Sushi Samba. (Yasuda appeals more to traditionalists like me.) Sushi Samba is loud, hip, and sceney.

                For steak, go to Megu for the kobe beef.