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Apr 11, 2007 05:20 AM

thin crust/charred bottom/tasty pizza

looking for a place that is famous for making a thin crust yeasty taste crust that is slightly charred on the bottom (coal oven??) and is covered with a tasty cheese and great tomato sauce (not sweet) and a good sausage
or do I just make it myself???? greater NY locations allowed !!!

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  1. I love Grimaldi's (Brooklyn) and Totonno's

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      I'd include Patsy's in East Harlem in this relatively sainted company. Pronounced coal bitterness to the black parts of the crust; great pie. Can't vouch for their sausage (no experience), but I'm sure it's at least pretty good.

    2. This might turn into a "best pizza in NYC" post, which has been done already many times.

      Sticking strictly to your "charred bottom" request, I will suggest Arturo's. Lot's of tasty black bits on the bottom.

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        1. re: ronoc

          I third Arturo's. It never gets enough props on these boards. Plus they have live jazz.

          Everybody loves Grimaldi's...and that is the problem. It's in EVERY guide book so it's always crowded with tourists in their sweatpants and shopping bags. Years ago it was just called Patsy's and, even though it was still crowded, it was much better than it is now. There seems to have been a decline in quality over the years.

          Also in Brooklyn is Franny's. They have a great wood-burning brick oven and they cure their own meats. Really good sausage. But be warned; there is a ton of debate about Franny's on these boards. People either love it or really, really hate it.

      1. You can add Lombardi's and John's (the original on Bleecker) to the list.

        I'm also a fan or Arturo's

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        1. re: harrison

          heh...harrison beat me to it. only complaint about arturos is that horrid bathroom. its literally a single box with a tub inside. i know we're going for the authentic nyc experience, but im not loving the long line!

          1. re: fun_seanny

            in my view arturos is better than lombardis and grimaldis. and does meet your specification on charring. those other venerable places seem to jump to the front of the bus ahead of some others who deserve better recognition. throw posto in the mix as an under appreciated pizza restaurant too. i must have said this 100 times on chowhound

        2. totonno's (coney island) has the thinnest crust of the 5-founding nyc pizzerias. charred nicely.

          if cronkite in the LES is the same quality as fornino in williamsburg (same owner)... then it's also a great thin, charred crust option. keep it simple and go for the margarita classica.

          outside of town... sally's in new haven has delicious thin, crispy crust pizza. not so sure on the yeasty.

          1. Little Frankie's is really good thin crust, brick oven pizza too. Though I'm not sure it compares to Grimaldi's or Lombardi's... Brick Oven Gallery in W'burg is also good, but I think it may be "temporarily" closed.