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Apr 11, 2007 05:10 AM

Soccer ball Ice Cream Maker?

I bought one of these on a lark last year, but haven't gotten around to using yet because the ground is still intermittently covered with snow. I know it's gimmicky, but it seemed like a fun way to combine a little activity with making ice cream. Has anyone else tried these? Any tricks or tips or cautions unique to making ice cream in this compared to a more conventional home ice cream maker?


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  1. You're not supposed to kick or throw them, sady. I've used mine twice for kicks while camping. It makes a very small amount of icecream and if you don't scrape down the sides every once in a while, the sides get frozen hard as a rock while the inside is still liquid.

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    1. re: thinks too much

      Hehe--you used it for "kicks" while camping. Nice pun.

      Thanks for the feedback, disappointing though it is (what did I expect, really?) I bought one of the bigger ones, so, hopefully that solves the amount problem. But the frozen outside, watery inside thing concerns me. Have you noticed it more with certain kinds of recipes than others?

      Also, how did you chill the canister while you were camping--just in a cooler full of ice? (Camping, of course, is one of scenarios I'd imagined using it...picnics and outdoor BBQ's are the others)

      I did get that you weren't supposed to kick it; it's more like you're supposed to roll it, right? But, I thought tossing it back and forth was okay. No?


      1. re: The Dairy Queen

        I chilled the canister by putting the salt and ice into it, let it sit for a few before adding the cream. We could roll it, we even tossed it a tiny bit, flagrantly ignoring the warnings not to do that. The second time worked better since I stopped every once in a while to scrape down the sides and remix it. I've only used it twice, so my data base isn't big enough.

    2. We received one of these for Christmas and I was shocked at how well it worked. My fiance is NUTS about ice cream and since December she's made 5 or 6 different batches, most of which were really good. The first time we used it we rolled it on the floor back and forth to each other. That worked well enough but was actually more time consuming than just holding it in your arms and rolling it around like a basketball.

      If you just follow the instructions and scrape down the sides after about 15 minutes of rolling you'll be fine, we haven't had any problems with freezing icecream. One concern for camping is that we've found the ice cream needs a little bit of time in the freezer to harden up. I suppose we could just keep rolling it around, but then it is much harder to scoop out.

      The one warning I'll give is that it's REALLY loud. The SO's latest method to deal with this is to get a big towel, close the bedroom door and roll it around on the bed.

      Good luck, and definitely give it a try!

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      1. re: heWho

        Hey, this is so encouraging! Do you have any favorite recipes you've tried? Do you just use normal ice cream recipes or do they have to be specially adapted to the ball?

        Thanks for the tip about the noise--I guess we'll roll it around on the carpet, or, our original intention if it works, on the grass in the yard.

        *staring at the blanket of snow out my window and longing for grass*


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          We've made 2 strawberry ice cream recipes that were really, really great. We also made the mint chocolate chip recipe that came with the ice cream ball (I think?) and it was really good. We haven't had to adapt the recipes in any way, but we've had to tweak the ice to salt ratio a bit. I think it actually depends mostly upon the ice (small cubes break down faster of course). Make sure you have plenty of ice, you'll go through a lot (you have to refill after 15 minutes, during which time you'll also have to open the ball to push the ice cream down the sides.)

          We recently picked up the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream recipe book and it has tons of good recipes and gives a really good break-down on different kinds of cream/milk to use. It's worth picking up, but any recipe you try will be just as good out of the ball as it would an ice cream maker. It's just a bit more work, but that's half the fun... I'm sure kids would really enjoy rolling the ball around.

          As for kicking it like a soccer ball, I'd say go for it. The worst thing that could happen is the cover comes off and you ruin your batch of ice cream... it's just cream and sugar!!

          1. re: heWho

            I'd be more worried about breaking my foot than breaking the ball...those things are pretty heavy when you load them up!

            1. re: jzerocsk

              We weren't really planning on kicking it around the yard--it really is very hard plastic--and I'm sure it's heavy when filled with ice and the makings for ice cream, we really planned on just rolling it around the yard. I suppose I shouldn't have called it a "soccer" ball in my title, but that's what it LOOKS like.

              But, now I'm really excited to try it!