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Apr 10, 2007 11:09 PM

Need advice on Cliff's Edge (Silverlake)!

Hi Hounds,

Looking for a place with great outdoor seating and relaxing vibe. I've heard mixed things about Cliff's Edge: mediocre food, slow service, attitude...

Has anyone been there recently?

Are there any alternatives?


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  1. Well, the food has never been mediocre, yet do not go thinking you are eating at Grace or Providence either. The food is good enough, the setting is wonderful, and while the service is slower than some places, its setting does not warrant rushed service. If you want fast service, go elsewhere. That is not what the place is about. Attitude - an LA phenomenon that I really have not felt here, but have in many other places, maybe due to the relaxed atmosphere.

    1. I was there Friday night. We had a 7:00 reservation, and there were plenty of seats. But the place filled up -- and I mean UP -- rather quickly. Dinner for two, including only one glass of wine and no dessert, was about $90.

      I don't normally spend that much for food in a week, but our dinner was quite nice (I had the lamb stew).

      And parking's a bear, though they have their own, rather small lot. Evidently the folks at the 99-Cent store just love having Cliff's Edge patrons towed off their lot.

      1. Actually went there for brunch on Easter. Love the toasted Brioche and homemade marmalade. Love the relaxed setting. Very nice. Our service was excellent. Brunch was good. Not too over the top, Poached Eggs over Prosciutto and Asparagus, with a Sun Dried Tomato Hollandaise. Eggs were poached perfectly and the sauce was not as heavy as most Hollandaise, which I liked. Will definitely try dinner there sometime soon.

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          Thank you all for your input! It sounds like it's worth a venture.

          I guess the moral is: If I go for dinner, try to get there on the early side... especially regarding PARKING.


          1. re: Liquid Sky

            I also like the food very much. It's a great place, across the board.

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              i love cliff's edge! i personally think the food is OK, not outstanding. it really depends on the dish. i love their beef carpaccio...they give A LOT. the last time i went, my friend and i split a carpaccio, risotto, and two desserts (hehe) and we were stuffed.

        2. How's this for advice on Cliff's Edge - DON'T GO. My partner and I went for the first time last night, based on a recent write-up in LA Mag, and (mostly) good reviews from Chowhounds. The patio and atmosphere are indeed lovely, and the menu items sounded quite good. It was a saturday night and therefore busy, BUT the service is beyond horrible. Making a reservation required two separate phone calls and long waits on hold. We waited 15 minutes at the hostess station before even being acknowledged. Our waiter was attitudey, inept and rude. Drinks arrived 20 minutes after they were ordered, and the waiter didn't return to our table to take our food order until well past the 30 minute mark. Their crappy sliced wheat bread was the sum total of our gastronomic experience at Cliff's because we ultimately walked out. . . and over to Alegria Cafe, which is just a block away. The 20 minute wait was absorbed by a quick walk to the cash machine and to pick-up some drinks (its BYOB). We sat down to a (more) fabulous dinner for less than half the price and were treated to incredibly friendly and attentive service. Different atmosphere, but an outstanding alternative nonetheless.

          1. I agree with italianstallion: Just don't go. Find someother place to eat. The food is mediocre at best, the service really not very good and the only good thing that we found about Cliff's Edge is that it is really close to Pazzo, the gelato joint on the other side of Sunset. Not knowing Silverlake very well, I am unable to recommend a place of better quality for dinner, although we love everything we have had at Aroma, but most on this board say no, so who do you listen to???