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Apr 10, 2007 10:58 PM

where can i get cheap lemons?

i'm doing the "master cleanse" and need to find cheap lemons in bulk. west la area preferred.

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  1. Costco usually has huge bags - I think five-pounders... If you're more selective about the type - I think Eureka being the most common - you might seek out lemons at the farmers markets - they will have the most variety and often price them to sell when they're in season and if you by in bulk. If you have any family or friends with lemon trees, go there. Lemon trees are probably the most constantly productive citrus in So Cal. Most people who have trees let the majority of lemons fall off the trees and rot... Good luck with your 10 days... it gets easier once you make it through the first two days...

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    1. Try some of the other farmers markets - as much as I like the SM one (I'm guessing you mean the Wednesday/Saturday on Arizona) it is pricey. Hollywood farmers market on Sundays has tons of tables selling lots of produce. If you're so inclined to go out there just for the good food and produce in general, it's worth it...

      Top Value usually has great prices on produce - can't vouch for the organic-ness though...

    2. I would also recommend Costco. I was on this lemon water diet so I'm very familiar with their big bags. Thank goodness my friend had a very fertile Meyer lemon tree. Check out some Mexican supermarkets. I sometimes got lemons at King Ranch in Monrovia (5 for $1 but I have no clue how much they go for now).

      1. I have a neighbor who has a Meyer lemon tree, and he lets me scrump as many as I wish. My mother in law has a Meyer lemon tree as well, and she's thrilled to let me strip it.

        There are so many trees around local neighborhoods. Walk or drive around and if you see one, ask the owner if he would spare a few. Most owners I find are happy to let you take some fruit before the prolific things dump them all over the yard. One family can never consume them all!

        If that doesn't work, I find lemons cheap at Vallarta or Sun Valley Produce.

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          I agree...It's time to go meet the neighbors! :)


        2. Trader Joe's has lemons for $1.19 a bag. There are at least 6 in there, maybe more.

          1. If "cheap" is key, I would try an Asian market or a Mexican one. Vallerta or maybe 99 Ranch. I think I've seen lemons sold at Mexican markets for 20 cents a pound or something ridiculous like that.

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              A Mexican market would be a good place to try, but with the citrus situation this year the TJ's price is actually better than most Asian markets. And their lemons are very juicy.