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Apr 10, 2007 10:17 PM

Tasting room lately?

Anyone been lately? The buzz has seemed to die down since it switched locations a little bit ago. Any thoughts/recs?

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  1. Having never been to the first location, I had my first Tasting Room experience about five weeks ago. Capable food and great service, but we left underwhelmed and $120pp poorer. Caveat: I'm not huge on mushrooms, and they were ubiquitous. The menu is quite seasonal, but even if the mushrooms have moved on, so have I.

    It might be that, at least for me, New American / Haute Barnyard food doesn't lend itself to small plates. IMO there tastier and more interesting small plates for much less money at Degustation, Casa Mono, and Kuma Inn.

    There is tastier and more interesting New American / Haute Barnyard at Blue Hill, Craft, the Grocery, and Little Owl.

    If you do go, get the Phyllo dessert. It's amazing.

    1. Was going to post this same question but saw this older post, so I figured I'd just use it again.
      My wife and I loved the Tasting Room in its old location but know it was received somewhat lukewarmly when it moved. What do you guys think?
      Thanks in advance.