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Layang Layang

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Lunch in Cupertino.

Roti Canai 2.95

- I had no problems with this.

Chow Kueh Teow 6.95

- I don't know what's so hard about using the right kway teow - broad, almost juicy flat rice noodles. This one didn't cut it, either. Most Bay Area Malaysian places have the same problem. The dish was a little bland, but the "char" flavor was mostly there, with shrimp, squid, bean sprouts, eggs. I did eat this.

Ipoh Ho Hee 5.95

-I get excited when I see "Ipoh". This was most definitely NOT Ipoh anything. A terrible disappointment. Okay. I may have missed really good dishes - but why put something on the menu when it's this bad? Fish balls and bean sprouts were good, tofu was all right, shrimp was a little dry.

Poh Piah 4.95

I couldn't eat the Ipoh Ho Hee noodles, so I ordered an appetizer. Yam bean (jicama) was there, but tasted cooked/mushy and not crunchy. Very limp, fell apart. The sauce was all right.

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  1. that place has taken a nosedive from what it was ~3 years ago. edible but i don't make it a point to take people there anymore.

    1. The original comment has been removed