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Apr 10, 2007 09:58 PM

El Tucan no more

El Tucan , which used to be La Familiar on San Pablo in Richmond is gone and now there is Angel's-- Anyone tried it?

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  1. Probably some of the worst Mexican /. 'Salvadoran' food I have ever had the misfortune to put in my mouth. I haven't tried the American side of the menu and will leave that pleasure for someone else.

    Six months ... a year tops ... unless miracles and Angels are involved.

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      thanks for taking one for the team .... fortunately, there are nearby alternatives. although they do have more comfortable seating than La Bamba.

      1. re: gordon wing

        That's the big curse on this place. Pup Hut is up the street for burgers / American. Tres Hermanas for Mexican. La Bamba pretty close for pupusas and El Tazamul 2 (as the street sign now reads) for Salvadoran.

        I don't like trashing small places and I'm sure they are sorta nice though not enthusiastic.

        However, the lard was old and of the plastic white bucket type. The frozen fish on the fish taco chopped so fine as to be almost unidentifiable as fish ... and it was the special that day. The stredded iceberg it sat on still wet. The wedge of lemon old. The only good thing was using real crema.

        I have never had a more incompetant pupusa. It wasn't even round ... just a blob. The outside cooked in THAT lard, was crispy but ... and I've never had this happen before .. the rest of the masa was raw. I would suspect frozen except for the sloppy shape.

        The curido looked old and was cold. But sure, why not, I tried a bit. It was ok but the look of it didn't inspire me to try more.

        The one flaw for me of El Tucan was the awful chips. Angel still serves those chips with watery, tasteless salsa ... red and green ... the only difference the color.

        The bottled beer was fine but they serve it without a glass.

        I don't think these people are evil, IMO, they are just clueless about running a restaurant. If I lived next door and was starving, I wouldn't eat here again. Ask me how I really feel.

        I thought Taqueria Menendez was an all-time low

        I need to break this bad taqueria streak. I'm hitting La Selva on 23rd next. They seem to be really trying lately and there is something calling me there. Will post as soon as give it a try.

        Although the $12 lunch tortas on Fonda's lunch menu are REALLY high on my list. Yeah .. not the same thing ... but I need some GOOD Mexican food ... soon. And Fonda has arpenas for lunch too.

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          Angel's Restaurant
          12469 San Pablo Ave, Richmond, CA 94805

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            I think that you should give Angel's another try. Maybe they were having some difficulties early on, or maybe it's just me, but I find that Angel's is now significantly BETTER than El Tucan was. My favorites include the sopes with chorizo, and the pupusas with queso and loroco (although, I will admit, their curtido is a bit bland).