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Apr 10, 2007 09:54 PM

Pretty Awesome Nachos in Manchester, NH

yes, I'm going to say it - Puritan Back Room! Recently several chowhounders kind of put a negative spin on this place. I finally went for the first time. Absolutely loved the Back Room Nachos, every layers was filled with cheese, vegies (fresh, crisp onions, peppers), hamburg, olives, etc. Came with a nice salsa, nothing fancy but I've been to many o mexican restaurants and many I didn't like - this I liked. Our meals were good, nothing to rave about - I had surf and turf (stuffed shrimp and lamb kabob) but certainly wouldn't complain at all - great price for what we got. Hubby got a nice portion of chix parm on pasta. Salads were nice a fresh. We used a gift certificate but would certainly go back again for a full plate of those nachos and try some other things - big menu.

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  1. By any chance, have you tried the nachos at Silo's Steakhouse in Bedford, NH? The place is known for its steaks, but their nachos are special: made with seasoned cubed steak rather than the overground meat you normally find elsewhere.

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      I'll have to remember that. I actually was dissappointed in my steak last time I went. I know people rave about this place but it did nothing for me last time. I've had much better steaks at Texas Roadhouse with a better price too. :-(

      I love great nachos - Hermano in Concord has phenominal ones - particular if you get the ones with this garlic sauce on them - like chicken adn garlic. Their steak ones are too, steak, not ground meat.

    2. lexpatti, how was the service?

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        great, she was very good. Obviously been there for a while. People in the next table greeter her by name. She was friendly, did everything on routine. When I realized my salad had dressing already on it and wanted only oil and lemons she was completely fine with taking it back and getting a new one (I didn't realize she had it behind me on the try when I asked) because I was kind of ok with it too. She insisted on taking it back, said "absolutely, someone else will take this, it's our signature salad, let me get you one without the dressing, it's no problem" and the place was pretty hoppin. I'm impressed with that kind of service. She was saying "your the customer, I want you to have what you want" and not "grrr, ok, but your a pain in my butt" the way some wait staff do in a very busy place like this where you know they have a lot of tables. She knows her stuff and I respect that and appreciate it.

        1. re: lexpatti

          I'm glad you got one of the pros. This place is the closest thing Manchester has to a "Cheers" type restaurant--everybody knows each other, which is kind of cool for a transplanted New Yorker .

          1. re: lexpatti

            Glad to see you had a nice time there, the last time we went was literally the LAST time we will go. Service was sloooooooooooooow, they never gave me the salad dressing I asked for (they gave me the one with house dressing, I asked for Russian, and they never brought it.. oh well) Thhey brought out our meals VERY overcooked to the point of charbroiled 2 hours after we ordered, and never refilled our drinks, not once. I saw my waitress one time after we ordered, our food was dleivered by someone else, and no one brought us anything after that. no bread, no butter, no nothing.. my poor mother fell asleep at the table almost falling out of her chair onto the floor, we had to catch her and literally drag her to her car! To me that place is on my pooplist.

            1. re: lexpatti

              This would make a great new topic--how important is service balanced against the quality of the food? I go to PBR because I know the waitress will be reasonably competent and professional, though the food is only a step above average. I am really debating whether to go back to Cucina Toscana--though I love the food, the service is so slow it makes me crazy.

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                yes, great ones under "not about food". good heated passionate debates :-)

                I think we stubbled onto Cucina by accident one night starving and riding on Rt. 101a (that's it right)? On the right. We had a great meal and good service that night.