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Apr 10, 2007 09:53 PM

Paris on a Sunday

I arrive in Paris on a Sunday, and know many restaurants are closed. Any suggestions for a good bistrot or brasserie for casual, good dining? We'll be staying in the 5th, but will travel within the central (1 - 8) arrondisements. Thank you.

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  1. Le Parc aux Cerfs, 50, Rue Vavin, southern 6th (off Blvd. Montparnasse).
    Tel. 01 43 54 87 83

    Count with some 30€.

    Other than that, you will find lots of suggestions by typing 'Sunday' into the search box.

    1. Aux Charpentiers in the 6th is open. It serves traditional stick to the ribs food. Try the daily plat. Also, Le Comptoir, at Carrefours de l'Odeon is open and does not take reservations on Sunday, so go for a late lunch or early dinner.