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Apr 10, 2007 09:11 PM

brunches in cabbagetown/leslieville area

hey everyone. from my research on the recent posts, i have narrowed the few down. my criteria--open early as possible, seating as comfy as possible, selection as varied as possible (i have a friend who's a vegetarian), (and of course) food as yummy as possible. which one is the best?

-edward levesque's kitchen
-petit dejeuner
-toast restaurant
-globe bistro
-3's company (of which i have no idea where it is .. couldnt google it)

and if theres anything thats actually west of the DVP, please feel free to add onto the list!

thanks for your help. :)

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  1. To start with Verveine is closed" being renovated". Perhaps you should read the past posts about Edward Levesque's and Toast before you make a definite decision. Sorry, don't mean to add to the confusion but personally, I would never go to Edwards again.

    1. If you are looking in the Cabbagetown area, there is a relatively new spot called, I believe, Chapter 11 on Parliament south of Wellesley that serves brunch on Sundays. I haven't been so can't comment on quality. Also on Parliament you can find The Peartree. Its pretty basic stuff but if you are in the area...

      1. I haven't been to any of the places you mentioned, but I like Le Cafe Vert (would be good for your vegetarian friend too) and Barrio in Leslieville.

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          There are a bunch of threads on this, most notably the one linked below. I'd personally scratch Edward Levesque and Toast off the list and add Barrio.

          My top 3 (in no order) would be Globe, Barrio, and Let Petit Dejeuner.

        2. barrio is excellent - open at 10am - friendly and lovely. The neptune benedict with crab is amazing as are the waffles with rotating fruit compotes.

          1. I agree with the recommendations for Barrio.
            3's Company is on the Danforth near Greenwood and little, so I'm not sure it meets the comfy seating prerequisite or your geographic needs.
            The problem with Petit Dejeuner (besides attitude) is that you stink of the food afterwards because of ventilation issues. That's okay if you're at The Terminal but they aspire to be more upscale.

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              Does anyone have 3's Company address? .. or website if they have one? I've tried googling; it doesnt work.

              1. re: jennjen18

                Here you go...never been there but looking to try it after the good reviews on here.

                1. re: jennjen18

                  I like 3's company well enough but it is super-casual and homey. It's not a destination brunch IMO and just not in the same league as Globe - not that I've been to brunch at Globe but they are almost polar opposite types of restaurants. The best thing at 3's in my opinion would be the scones (love the oatmeal raisin one which is browned like a nice oatmeal cookie), and the fact that the eggs benny come on said scone (er, not the oatmeal raisin but a cheese one I think!). Other more lunch-y items I've tried have been just okay, and some of their other baked goods are pretty suspect (the cinnamon buns taste like president's choice with frosting added).

                  1. re: julesrules

                    You should try Globe Bistro for brunch - I really enjoyed the eggs bennedict with smoked black cod that I had - my sister had the lobster melt which I also tried and it was excellent - we then shared an order of the French toast with roasted apples and cinnamon cream - we could not resist starting off with home-made scones which were excellent. The presentation of the food was beautiful, the portions large with extra goodies such as salad/fruit and the prices very reasonable.