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Apr 10, 2007 08:39 PM

Mexican-style Hot Dog al Jaquez (Salinas)

A couple months ago I stopped by the Jaquez Fast Food cart (after 5pm) on East Market Street for a quick bite before heading out of town. The buns are still warmed on the flat top alongside the dogs. But different this time is that the strip of bacon is separate instead of being wrapped around the dog before grilling. Even though it doesn't integrate as well in the taste when slid into the bun next to the dog, the crisper texture of the bacon more than makes up for it. The price is still $2.50, same as four years ago. With yellow mustard, salsa fresca, onions, mayo, pickled jalapenos, and relish, this is a wet-style of dog and not exactly tidy to eat in the car. And, certainly not while driving. So, I took a moment to appreciate the art of a well-crafted dog and polished it off before resuming my journey. As much as I like Julio Valdez's dog and the choice of cheeses, the grilled layering on the Jaquez offering vs. the steamed heat of Valdez's gives this one the edge. Aren't we lucky to have such good choices?

Image of Jaquez hot dog with the works -

Earlier visits to Jaquez Fast Food for Salinas Street Food -

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  1. It sounds like a pretty good dog, but where is it under all those condiments? What did you wash that down with, considering you would be driving?

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    1. re: ChinoWayne

      Yeah, you can barely see the tip of the strip of bacon poking out on the end on the right side of the photo.

      This cart has champurrado, but I didn't buy one this time since I had a bottle of water in the car. But when I hit those jalapenos, I was wishing I had something milky at hand to put out the flames.

      Edited to add:

      Here's a link for the Valdez dog, even more stuffed with condiments.

    2. That's an amazing dog! I'm probably going to be dreaming about it until I can get there and get one of my own.

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      1. re: larochelle

        Anything Sonoran-style, I know you're on it. Come visit --- I could use your expert palate to judge the local hamburgesa scene. I know you've eaten these around Mexico, while I've not tried one from a truck yet.

      2. Beautiful Jaquez dog! I can (unfortunately, almost but not quite) taste it from here in Colombia. I'm lucky to be going back to Mexico for such treats in August. You guys have the best of all worlds.

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        1. re: Sam Fujisaka

          If we had smell-o-vision, you'd catch the aroma of crispy bacon sizzling on the grill!

        2. The Jacquez Hot Dog cart had to relocate down the street, now in the spot where the retired Mayra's used to be. The cart is now sporting a "no smoking" sign as a partner in Steps to a Healthier Salinas.

          Jacquez Hot Dogs
          E Market St and Sanborn Road, Salinas, CA

          1. July is National Hot Dog Month and a good time for an update on this long time Salinas street food vendor. I dropped in again two weeks ago.

            I'm happy to report that the dogs are back to being bacon-wrapped again before grilling. And the serrano chile peppers are grilled as well, as can be seen here. Both are improvements.

            The gorgeous hot dog con todos in its full glory, topped with tomatoes, crema, mayonnaise, mustard, blistered serrano chile, and chopped onions. Now $3.50 and totally worth it.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              Are the carts/ trucks there on Sundays (lunchtime)? Will be driving thru and that's exactly what I'll want. You introduced me to bacon wrapped dogs at an ALBA open house some time back and I don't think I've had one since!

              1. re: chocolateFiend

                This is the same hot dog vendor that you tried at ALBA's open house. That was a first for one of my friends as well. He doesn't even eat hot dogs and he had TWO that day from Jaquez, they're so good.

                But unfortunately, no, Jaquez is a night time vendor. The Salinas regs limit street vendors to designated shifts. It appears on this corner around 6pm.

                There are other trucks that should be around at lunch time if you want another rec. I suggest Tacos El Grullense, it's right next to the freeway and opens around 11/11:30 daily.