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Apr 10, 2007 08:08 PM

K-Town Centric Foods

I just moved to k-town, and what do ya know, I'm rarely in the mood for korean food. The spicyness doesn't get along with my stomach most days, even though it's pretty darn tasty. You can't have Pho four times a week either. So I'm left with some big questions, where do I eat on that random night when I want it quick and local, but have set a sort of standard for where I'm eating. Maybe other people from koreatown have some good advice and stories to share. Thanks so much!

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  1. There is this taco stand off of 7th Ave by Vermont Ave right next to Southwestern Law School that is really tasty. Their 3 taco combo is under $4 for rice and beans. Very yummy taco stand.

    1. Ssin Ssin on the southwest corner of 7th and Vermont has Korean and Japanese items that are not spicy. My faves are the dumpling soup and the fish egg rice bowl.

      1. You're not too far from Larchmont, which opens up options for you. I like Village Pizzeria there.

        1. wako donkasu is pretty good. it's a cutlet place. their tonkatsu sauce with crush-it-yourself sesame seeds is tasty (they give you a mortar and pestle, and you pound away)!

          there's one on wilshire east of normandie and another on olympic also east of normandie.

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            I think they're on Wilshire/Alexandria and Olympic a couple of blocks east of Normandie?

            The one on Olympic has better parking options and is much larger, but the one on Wilshire is the original...

          2. Welcome to K-town Mariko!

            I guess it really depends on what you are looking for Mariko, but hopefully I'll be helpful.

            I'd reccommend you give Jang An a try(corner of Olympic and Berrando), They offer great lunch speacials for Bulgogi(you can't go wrong with bulgogi) and the bean paste soup is definately one of the best in town.

            Hi-Pizza on 2nd and Western is the best pizza place in K-town hands down.

            Young King on Olympic is definately the best Korean/Chinese cusine, sweet and sour pork and the jja jang myun are must haves at Young King(3rd and Olympic)

            Ma-Dang Noodles is another one of fav places(8th and Western), the chicken kal gook soo(chicken noodle soup?) is to die for, and their mandoo(korean dumplings) also hits the spot every time.

            Did you know you can get korean/chinese/thai food delivered in K-town?

   has a great listing of restaurants that offer delivery servies and a search engine/listing for finding the type of food you are looking for.