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Apr 10, 2007 07:49 PM

The Middle East-central square

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow in central square for dinner. Normally it'd be pretty easy to find a restaurant here but she is EXTREMELY picky. I was thinking the Middle East only because she'll eat cous cous and grilled chicken but in searching online I've found some awful reviews of the Middle East. Has anyone had a good experience here or should I try to find another restaurant?

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  1. Why not try Cafe Baraka? Great N African food.

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    1. re: limster

      Definitely a better choice for dinner, assuming it doesn't need to be a quick one.

    2. Don't go!!!!!! The Middle East is absolutely abysmal!!! Some of the worst food i've ever had. Dried out lamb shanks, couscous that was a solid lump of swill. They may have some good bands, but the food is horrible.

      1. I think the food at ZuZu (the restaurant in between the 2 sides of the Middle East) is quite good, but the Middle East (both sides) are mediocre. ZuZu is one of my favorite spots for mid-week girls' nights - it's inexpensive, the drink options are good, and it's a nice quiet place to catch up (at least until 10ish when the band/dj starts up).

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          Thanks for the advice. We went to Cafe Baraka last time so I was trying to do something different this time. I also checked out Zuzu's menu and it might not be simple enough for her. I'm thinking we'll go to Bertucci's (there's one salad on the menu she'll order if she adds some special requests) or Koreana (since she'll eat chicken terryiaki).

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            What about Miracle of Science? Their grilled chicken stuff is good including having it on the mesclun salad. Green St. probably has something too. Hopefully you don't have to go out to eat with this person too often.

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              "Hopefully you don't have to ...."

              Soooooo what I was thinking, although I guess we all have food-challenged friends.

              I think Green Street's comfort food menu might be perfect.

        2. You can get simple food at Central Kitchen. Check out River God's as well. They have a terrific salad. The french fries there are also pretty fabulous. The skewers are good - can do beef, chicken, and tofu.

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          1. Perhaps I don't know my middle eastern food but I found the cous cous plate with shrimp or chicken to be excellent. The time I had it with shrimp was one of the best meals I've had since moving here.

            The mjudra, if they still do it, is also a good option.