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Apr 10, 2007 07:21 PM

restaurants for large party?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a restaurant in Manhattan, that's good for a large group of 14, where the prices aren't too expensive, the drinks are good, and we can be fairly loud (but not too obnoxious)?

We don't want touristy stuff, like all that junk in little italy, and we don't want bar food. It's for a friend's birthday. We're all 20-30 somethings, so nothing too stogdy. But we definitely all know good food.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Oh, we'd be going on a Friday night, if that makes any difference.

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  1. What about La Palapa in the East Village?

    1. We had a great time at Sala 19 with a group of 15. They do a great 2 hour all you can drink deal with dinner. I think it's on their website.

      1. Otto works for groups... I think they make you choose from a pre-fixe menu for a group of 12+, though. I had a group of 10 there a couple weeks ago, and we had fun sharing our wine, cheese plate and pizzas.

        1. I posted the same question and am going to Cascina in 2 weeks with a group of 15. The menu looks good and they were very accomodating with seating us all together and no time linit on dinner. Check out their website Otto had a 2 hour limit and couldn't guarantee us sitting together. The reviews are pretty good and the prices were really reasonable. I will post how it went Good luck!!