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Apr 10, 2007 07:07 PM

Portland before Merrill Hall

okay Chowhounds...does this describe any of you...please fill in the blank:
So your babysitter is coming at 5 (meaning you can be sitting somewhere by 5:30) and you want to walk to Merrill by 7:30 to see Norah Jones and you want a drink or two and a little dinner before and you really eat everything from Gritty's pub menu on up but you prefer better and you have been to Yosaku too many times lately, ate at Siam last time you were around, and 555 is too expensive for this date you go to:

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  1. David's. Or Mesa Verde, which has both healthy food and cheap margaritas before 7 PM. Or, if it's a nice day and you feel like taking a walk and having pizza, Flatbread. Or Ri Ra. Or Brian Boru. There's not usually much of a wait, even at normally crowded places, at 5:30.