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Apr 10, 2007 07:03 PM

Fogo De Chao coming to Minneapolis [Moved from Midwest]

I looked a few pages deep in this forum and didn't see any mention of the opening of Fogo De Chao in Minneapolis. I used to eat at the Chicago location prior to moving to the Twin Cities and can't wait for this place to open. It opens on the 19th.

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  1. Yeah...I've been looking forward to this for a few months now.

    My arteries and bank account have not.

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    1. re: MSPD

      The cost seems to be a concern. I checked the website and the menu page does not include prices. What can one expect to pay per person (food only)?

      1. re: BatMan

        $25 for lunch, $45 for dinner if I rtemember correctly. We went to the one in Dallas, well, outside of Dallas. Oh so very good.

    2. I went to Fogo De Chao once when I lived in Atlanta and enjoyed it. We'll definitely go to the Minneapolis location when the urge strikes but I doubt it will become a regular spot because of the price, the huge quantities, and the fact that we're not chain restaurant people.

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      1. re: katebauer

        Finally, something to replace Mojito! I only went there twice, but loved it. I've had the Brazilian grill concept in a few other cities and it's great for special occasions. We absolutely should have it here in MSP. I think Mojito failed, though, because I fear the Twin Cities might be too small of a market for a place that for many is a "special occasion" only eatery. We'll see how Fogo does.

        1. re: pgokey

          It could possibly do well. The melting pot seems to live on as a special occaison only place. That corner seems to be a death-zone however (Copeland's) So I wouldn't be surprised if it does go under soon.

          1. re: mnitchals

            ha! they have the whole copeland's bar set up in bauer bros! and the host stand too! that is kind of a tough corner for both chain and non-chain places.

        2. re: katebauer

          My DH and I went to the Atlanta location as well. All I can say is WOW, and go on an EMPTY stomach!

          The whole atmosphere was 'cool', and I think they will do well when there are conventions and on 'business nights'. It might slow down, thus (fingers crossed) specials during the winter and other 'dead times' in the Cities. Then again, this is probably wishfull thinking on my part :)

        3. So just how much does it cost? The web site says it’s prix-fixe, but it doesn’t say what the prix is....

          Can anyone who’s been to one of their other locations give us an idea?

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          1. re: Uncle Ira

            I have never been to one. But based on one of the reviews on it's website. It looks like these are the prices:

            The Travel Lady
            April 1, 2006

            "At first glance, prices at Fogo de Chão may seem a bit expensive, $44.50 for dinner, $29.50 for lunch, but when one factors in what’s included in the price (only dessert and beverages are extras), they end up being more economic than other a la carte steak houses in Dallas. Lighter eaters or vegetarians can also gorge on the extensive salad bar alone, which includes meats like prosciuto and bacon, for $19.50 at either meal. "

            1. re: starburst

              Yup, that seems about right. I remember paying about $50 for the all you can eat meat dinner. You can pay less and do all you can eat salad bar - which is the most amazing salad bar I've ever seen, but I'm not sure why you would do that when you're going to a place known for steak.

              ETA: Oops, Only read the 1st sentence of the article starburst posted. Sorry for the repeat on the salad bar.

              1. re: starburst

                Wow... Well, I look forward reading what people have to say about it once it opens, but that’s about as close as I’m ever going to get to eating there. The banh mi at Saigon are more in line with my budget.

                Good thing I love them so much....

                Uncle Ira

            2. we used to go to the original Fogo de Chao in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at least one Sunday a month. I have been to the one in Atlanta and Chicago - the concept travels well, although some of the best cuts of meat are not available here. I hope Mpls gets a good selection, not just a slimmed-down menu
              Regarding the cost, it is high… but all i can say is that $50 per person is what a fine dinner costs this days ($28 for a fish dish, $35 for a steak, plus appetizers at $8-10 and a salad in between...). At least here you'll eat more than anywhere else, and if you go for a late lunch on a weekend you may not need another meal until Monday =)

              1. this is the biggest no brainer of all time. an all-the-meat-you-can-eat theme restaurant with costumed waiters in Minneapolis...they are going to make a killing. It'll just be comi-tragic to see the homeless people gawking @ the meat on a spit in the big picture window on the corner.

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                1. re: g rote

                  hold on: costumes? do they sing and ring a bell when you tip them too?

                  1. re: soupkitten

                    They wear Brasilian cowboy costumes.

                  2. re: g rote

                    I agree, but I think the price will turn people off. At Alma you can get the best 3 course meal in the city for $42 and people think it's too expensive.

                    1. re: katebauer

                      do the costumes push the whole thing into gimmicky? i agree that for the $$ i'd be way more inclined to go to Alma. i think the prix will smack the avg MSP diner in such a way that most won't even try it, & there aren't enough pro athletes around here to make the concept fly. what do i know, though.

                      1. re: soupkitten

                        the costumes are just gaucho pants and blue shirts, nothing too weird. It's true that it's not “fine” dining in the sense of a superior gourmet experience (La Belle Vie, Alma, etc), but it is a really good steakhouse. It will likely compete with Manny's, Ruth Chris, Morton's, etc. The price is similar…. and these places do get a good share of biz every week. Steak is not my idea of special occasion and I’ve only been to Manny’s on biz dinners, but there’s a public out there for this idea, trust me.
                        PS: in Brazil, this kind of place is favored by groups - or families on weekend lunches (their busiest time): you go around 2PM on Sunday and just linger around for hours being served… it’s a family event, and the earlier hour gives you time to digest before bed time =)