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fresh pineapple-dessert

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pies,cakes-any thoughts??

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  1. I recently had pancakes topped with fresh pineapple, fresh whipped cream and mint - I imagine you could make this into a dessert by using the combo in crepes instead or as a topping for angel food cake.

      1. My favorite is one that I have had at many great restaurants...Simply grilled, along side a bowl of yummy caramel sauce...Divine!

        1. My husband grills slices of fresh pineapple after marinating in 1) lime juice, salt and pepper or 2) rum, lime juice and a sprinkling of sugar. The grilled pinapple is then served with a scoop of homemade ice cream (we've tried all sorts - strawberry or raspberry sorbet, and vanilla, honey, or strawberry ice cream) or a light dressing of vanilla yogurt.

          1. I made a recipe with canned crushed pineapple, which you can use by chopping
            up the pineapple, It is my no-bake pineapple cheese pie. I use jell-o, cream cheese
            and cool whip with the pineapple to make a pie that tastes like a cheesecake.

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              This wouldn't work with fresh pineapple. The acid would eventually curdle the dairy or just make things separate and go funky.

            2. I like a roasted pineapple topping for vanilla or buttermilk gelato. Here's the recipe I use:
              4 tbsp. unsalted butter
              1/4 cup light brown sugar
              1 split vanilla bean
              1 pineapple, peeled and left whole
              1/2 cup water

              Melt the butter over MH in a pot large enough to hold the pineapple on its side. Add the brown sugar and vanilla bean. Let it get all melty and caramelize the sugar, 3 to 5 minutes. Lay the pineapple in the pot on its side, and let it simmer, turning it so all sides brown. Add the water to the pan, cover and put pan into the oven at 375. Baste occasionally, until roasted through to the core, about 1 hour.

              You can add more water, a tbsp at a time if needed. Let the pineapple cool in the pan. Then, lift out the pineapple, wrap, and refrigerate overnight. Reserve the pan juices, so you can serve them over the gelato/ice cream. When you're ready to serve, slice the pineapply and heat the juices if you want. So simple and good.