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Apr 10, 2007 07:00 PM

Restaurant Suggestions for Bachelorette

Need suggestions for bachelorette party in June. No specific area, keeping options open. About $50-60 per person. Somewhere fun but please...good food and no lucky chengs, etc... Either a place where we could stay for drinks or head to bars nearby...age range is 24-30 about 8 people. Any thoughts on Stanton Social, One Little West 12th, Alta?

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  1. The Stanton Social is one of my favorite places...great drinks, awesome atmosphere and IMO, fantastic and intersting food.
    I love One LWT for drinks, but I wasn't crazy about their food.
    What about: Kittichai, Lure Fishbar, Thor

    1. Depending on how much your party will eat/drink, I would recommend Buddahkan. But if everyone gets an app and has several drinks, you are probably looking at closer to $80 pp.

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      1. Alta's food is awesome, and you would have a lot of fun sharing everything. With drinks you'll probably be at $60 per person. Get the red sangria!!