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Apr 10, 2007 06:46 PM

BEST CUPCAKES I'VE HAD... and I've tried them ALL

TONNIE'S MINIES, west village.
Tonnie's is almost impossible to notice unless you walk West 3rd just east of 6th Ave as regularly as I do. This unpretentious place shares its space with a small Cheestake place (don't know the name, but its logo is the profile of a cow with a circular brand on its ass) thus affording Tonnie's little more than a two foot counter. In this counter, cupcakes large and small of probably a dozen different cakes, frosted without uniformity or ornament, just your typical piping bag with star nozzle. The red velvet is incredible- cream cheese frosting like none other I've had. THEY ARE ALL GREAT. Carrot cake and double chocolate especially. If you like your frosting generous, Tonnie (pronounced Tony) himself or any of his staffers who yes, dare to smile, will happily pipe more on top.

So you're thinking I must be Tonnie. I'm not. Tonnie's biggest fan? Yes, perhaps. I've had nothing but incredible cupcakes there- never dry, never unsatisfying. The key: they're simple, he makes no attempt to innovate, they're just damn good old fashioned cupcakes. And cheap.

I hope this does something to quell the seemingly endless posts about cupcakes. Take my word and go.

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  1. They are great. And virtually unknown. Beat Magnolia, Burgers and Cupcakes, Billys, and the others.

    But Sunshine is slightly better.

    1. Oh please. I am not someone who wants to spend five bucks on a plain cupcake with buttercream frosting. If I'm going for a cupcake, then I'm obviously breaking my usual diet routine and I'm gonna go for something with a lot of calories. I'm gonna get something delicous and innovative, too. I'm going to go to CRUMBS BAKESHOP.

      1. Just tried this place last night. Not awful, but taste like supermarket cupcakes.