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Apr 10, 2007 06:27 PM

Best Roast Beef In NYC

Katz, Carnegie, where?? I know they are known for traditional pastrami but I want some roast beef and want to know where the best is help me....

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  1. Check the outer board

    Roll N Roster, Brennan and Carrs, and a place in Red Hook whose name escapes me at the moment

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      1. re: DoctortedNYC

        Roll N Roaster works for that shaved fast food kind of sandwich. Unfortunately the one in the east village closed.

        I think the homemade roast beef at Fairway is excellent - perfect rare middle with peppery edges. take it home and make yourself a great sandwich!

        1. re: harrison

          Come to think of it, it is really strange how I never order a roast beef sandwich (salt, pepper, mayo, lettuce, tomato on a hard roll) in NYC. In upper Westchester, where I grew up, every deli roasts its own beef , most often a perfect rare to medium rare- with those Arthur Avenue hard rolls you have a near perfect sandwich. Does it not exist in NYC? The Boars-Head RB does not cut it.

          1. re: tbear

            Plenty of roast beef heros in NYC, but you have to go to Brooklyn to find them.

              1. re: Woodside Al

                If we're talking Brooklyn Roast Beef (and I know this is the wrong place to mention this, but...), I think David's Brisket House is pretty great.

            1. re: harrison

              If you're considering a DYI, I just found kobe roast beef (and pastrami and corned beef) - made from American "Kobe" at Balducci's!

          2. re: ChrisZ

            Place in Red Hook = Defonte's on Columbia St.

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              Thanks...drove by today and was just going to post.

          3. I love the rare roast beef at zabar's on UWS -- also in the area are the roast beef sanwiches at artie's, really great!

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              Good deli RB is tough to find in manahattan, plenty of good places out in jersey too...Citarella has the best i've found. you can get sullivan street bakery ciabatta, those ridiclously expensive hydroponic tomatoes and hellmans all at citarella and make great roastbeef sandwich yourself...

            2. After reading the story below, I determined I must plan on hitting

              Monte's, 156 Avenue O
              Clemente's, 138 Avenue T