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Apr 10, 2007 06:03 PM

It's Ice Cream time!

Well, this is the month that the Ice Cream stands open up in at least Massachusetts...

I can verify that Kimball Farms in both their Westford, MA and Carlisle, MA locations have been open since at least last Thursday, April 5th. I stopped in to get a Chocolate frappe - mmMM so good!

Is Rota Farm in Sterling, MA open yet? They've always had good ice cream too, and the view of their farmland with the wandering cows is nice.

So, am I the only crazy person having ice cream now?

What other places are open now?
Which of them have good ice cream?

:) :)

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  1. Cremeland in Manchester NH is open. We tried it for the first time. Since we had just eaten we ordered smalls which is a good thing because small was a huge scoop almost falling off the cone. I think Arnie's in Concord NH is open now. They have a better selection of flavors that Cremeland but my favorite because I love their frozen pudding is Merrivales on Rt 3A in Hooksett. All three places make their own ice cream. Not homemade but a very popular place that requires a country drive is Beech Hill Farm near Concord NH. They sell plants in the spring, have some farm animals, a big sand pile for kids to play on, etc. You can make your own sundaes. My favorite ice cream cone is two scooops so I can get two different flavors.

    1. Erikson's on 117 in Maynard opened the weekend before last. Haven't made a stop yet, but I'm due. They usually have some good seasonal flavors that I like to keep tabs on.

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        I made it to Erikson's this weekend. Saw a couple of my favorite flavors from last year that I forgot about! They have a Coffee Raspberry Truffle that is coffee ice cream studded with little chocolates that are filled with raspberry sauce, like cordials. So good! I have to go back and get the Cake Batter next, which is hard to describe. The ice cream tastes like yellow cake and it's loaded with layers of chocolate.I am so happy to live only a couple miles away. :)

        1. re: Angel Food

          I was so happy to see Erikson's open a couple weeks ago that I stopped even though it was 45 degrees out. The mint chip was delicious as usual.

      2. Homemade ice cream at Shaw's Farm in Dracut (might be Lowell but pretty sure Dracut Ma.). Loads of different, funky kinds, creamy and awesome (50 flavors). They have their own milk, pies, etc. they even have home delivery like in the old days.

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        1. re: lexpatti

          South of the City, Crescent Ridge in Sharon is open, and Hilliard's in Easton (the best around, by far, IMHO) opens this Saturday.

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            I see Shaw's is on what's basically Rt. 38. Any thoughts on what would make a good road trip from Boston taking 38 up and possibly a different, non-highway route back? I know there must be good breakfast or burger places on the way or in Dracut but don't know the areas well. Do have some Lowell info so if there are other thoughts, that'd be best. Thanks.

            1. re: Joanie

              Awesome Awesome breakfast in Dracut (lakeview ave) - Cindi Ann's House of Ham. Phenominal eggs bennidict (ham is outstanding) and the best corn muffin I've even had - EVER!!!!! This isn't very far from the road that Shaws is on, too. On the right in a small strip mall.

              1. re: Joanie

                You can always take Rt. 3a back, through billerica, burlington - it switches to Rt. 3 or cambridge street through Winchester, through to Arlington. It sort of parralels Rt. 38 but a lil west.

            2. Pinecroft Restaurant/Dairy is open year round (539 Prospect Street, West Boylston).

              Crazy? Come on! This is New England. Why else would you go out in a blizzard?

              1. Funny you should post about ice cream. I just drove back from Middletown R.I. (East Main Rd.) and noticed that Cool Scoops doesn't have their usual "opening day" banner on display. Cool Scoops has some very fine gelato and sorbet....their pink grapefruit ice cream is quite spectacular as is the coconut, the rum raisin....mmmmm tasty. Too bad it's going to snow tomorrow!!!