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Sopressata at Stinky Brooklyn

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I bought some Sopressata at Stinky Brooklyn the other day that was awesome- I asked where it came from they said TJ's in Queens.

Does anyone know of this evasive salumeria? Or is it a wholesaler? Or what- All I know was it was as good as any- It was the sweet kind, fyi, not spicy. But delicious.

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  1. You can get great sweet sopressata at Caputo's on Court between Third and Fourth Place

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      I'll second the sweet sopressata at Caputo's. And while all the sliced meats are delicious, I never fail to pick the hot coppa (capicola).

    2. Esposito's Pork Store on Court has an excellent soppressata which I believe they still cure in house. They got a mention in a NY Times article from a couple years ago on dry cured sausages in NYC.


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        Yeah they're all great, but does anyone know about TJ's?

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          I can't help you with info about TJ's, but I could have sworn the last time I got the soppressata at Stinky that it was from Salumeria Biellese. If it's not from there anymore, I'd still recommend SB's version - it's amazing.