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Apr 10, 2007 05:16 PM

I need your thoughts re: lunch at Kate Mantilini?!?

Hi All,

My co-workers and I are going to lunch at Kate Mantilini tomorrow ... and this will be my first time there.

I'd like to know:
- what's the typical lunch price range?
- what do you guys recommend off the lunch menu?
- how is the service?
- and would recommend going there again for say dinner or is it just way overrated?


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  1. I didn't know anyone liked it, so I didn't know it was overrated. It's pricey for what it is, because it's the type of place Hollywood folks go where they know what they're going to get. Service is probably better if they know you but I'm sure it's ok if they don't. It's just a glorified coffee shop -- don't expect much and you won't be disappointed. Sorry, can't remember anything I've ever liked there, but I know some others on the board have dishes they like. You can definitely do better for dinner!

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Hi Chowpatty,

      Thanks for the feedback ... yes, I've read others thoughts on the board and they seem to share your sentiment about a "glorified coffee shop" (which I actually find pretty amusing).


    2. I have been one late night at BHLS - liked the clam chowder but, overpriced for what it was. Service staff snotty and slow! Save yourselves. It's not all that. (I feel the same about the Farm too) Go somewhere else where the food is better and you walk out not feeling like you got ripped off. Even Cheesecake is better. :)KQ

      1. I like a couple of things there - the chicken salad with fruit is good. And they make a hashbrown sandwich with sour cream in the middle which is decadently good. The prices are very high, hard to get out of there for under $15-20 for lunch, more for dinner.

        The bread pudding is good too if you want dessert.

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        1. re: Food Good

          Hey Food Good!

          WOW more than $15-20 for lunch!! That's insane! I think Chaya is bit cheaper (not by much) but I definitely I enjoyed what I ordered.

          Thanks for your thoughts!


        2. Not sure if it's overrated or just well-positioned and open late for a BH restaurant. There service is fine, but it costs a lot for what it is. I think that their meatloaf is highly considered. I always order the angel hair pasta, bc i can never find anything i like there...bummer

          1. It's overpriced for comfort food. The lunch entrees are around $20 each, and the portions are not too big.

            I had the crab cakes there and thought they were pretty decent, but probably not worth the $20 or so I paid for them.