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Apr 10, 2007 05:16 PM

Weekend in DC-Ideas?

My husband and I are spending 3 full days in the city this weekend. We have been to DC several times already, the last 2 years ago. so we've gone to some of the staples. We are looking for something a little off beat or is worth the time/effort/money for brunch on Sunday and lunch and dinner both Friday and Saturday. Also, any suggestions on coffee shops in Dupont Circle that has good coffee and pasteries/breakfast items for on the go that isn't a chain?

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  1. Dupont Circle area has the Fractured Prune on P St. It has donuts made to order and some other breakfast items. Excellent.

    Off the beaten path: Hit Colorado Kitchen for dinner Friday or Saturday night. Diner ambience with some serious cooking.

    1. Good coffee on Dupont is a rare commodity outside of starbucks, but I really adore Marvelous Market right on Connecticut for regular coffee and great pastries, and there's a Firehook bakery right around the corner that makes great pastries and has all the frou frou coffee drinks I don't drink as well :)

      A little off beat that doesn't get mentioned so much right now is Luna for lunch- I really like the place.

      Dinner- Viridian doesn't get a lot of mentions on here as of late either, and it's over in Logan Circle- situated in an area that I enjoy walking around once you get up near T street (Virdian is closer to Q or R).

      Is there any kind of food you are really seeking out?

      1. For Sunday brunch, Perry's Drag Brunch in Adams Morgan is more than a little off beat. Buffet service coupled with drag queens lip synching.

        For dinner, Michael Richard's Centrale is new since your last visit and definitely worth one meal while you're here.

        1. I'd recommend "adjusting" your breakfast thoughts for a moment - and instead of coffee and pastry on the go, go to Teaism where you can get a wonderful chai and ginger scones to go. You'll be glad you did. R St at Connecticut.

          1. I'd suggest Komi for dinner, if you haven't been yet - it's a couple of blocks from Dupont Circle. Call now for reservations though.