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Apr 10, 2007 05:05 PM

Mexican themed dinner party ideas

So, I'm hosting a dinner party for around 10 people in a week. It would be fun to make it mexican themed and serve good margaritas. But, I'm not sure what to make. I was thinking of doing a taco salad bar, with yummy toppings like homemade guac, mango salsa, etc. but I was wondering if you guys had any other ideas or recipies. I would especially appreciate recipies for the meat topings (perhaps chicken and beef/pork) and for desert.

I know there are so many toppings I would put on the perfect taco salad, but for some reason, I can't think of them right now!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Aside from the standard beans, corn, meat, cheese, avocado, tomato...

    Daikon/white radish would be good. I've had some that were marinated for a little extra pop of flavor too. You can have it cubed or shredded.

    An assortment of chilies would be fun too. You could have some fresh and some roasted to give your guests some fun flavor combinations to experience. Maybe do three fresh and three that are the roasted version of each. Jalapeno/Chipolte for example.

    1. Love mexican. Just had tacos for dinner. Generally, when I make tacos I use corn tortillas, filled with a rice and beef mixture, refried beans, pickled jalopenos, salsa, guac, etc... pretty basic.

      Other things you may want to serve:
      - cheese quesadillas
      - ceviche
      - something with a mole sauce
      - tamales

      - fried donuts
      - caramel custard or other flan
      - fresh fruit (papaya, etc.)

      Margaritas sound great. Don't forget some good Mexican beer.

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        Also, a big pitcher of agua fresca is a nice touch for a Mexican party for people who don't want to be drinking booze the whole time.

      2. I've done "taco parties" on a number of occasions, and the meal turns out great. There was an issue of Gourmet, probably about 10 years ago (it was July 1997 if you happen to have it laying around :-), that had a story on a taco party, and most of the recipes were quite authentic and very good. Here are some links:

        Carne asada (grilled marinated skirt steak):

        I like to give people an option besides beef, and so also like to serve grilled shrimp, for shrimp tacos:

        Serve with warm corn tortillas, and various condiments. I like to have a pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, crumbled mexican cheese (queso anejo or cojita), sour cream or mexican crema, diced onions and cilantro. Also good with the carne asada tacos is the following recipe for rajas con crema (roasted peppers in mexican crema):

        Here's a good salsa recipe:

        I typically serve a green salad and pinto beans (frijoles de la olla) on the side with the tacos. Here's a good recipe for the beans:

        1. just an idea as spring can't seem to spring - chicken pozole - it is a mexican soup that eats like a meal - here is a basic recipe:
          I like to add some reconstituted dried chiles and roasted garlic and some lime juice and fresh cilantro - also nice to top with chopped tomato, avocado and homemade tortilla chips.

          1. A taco salad is a great idea for a party, but I know you know it's not Mexican food.

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