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Pie (Triangle Area)

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Where can I pick up an awesome pie in Raleigh or beyond if it is worth the drive? A friend joked tjat she thought ladies would show up at her door with pies when she moved to the area.

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  1. A guilty pleasure of mine (farmer's market goodies aside) is the blueberry pie found at Wholefoods. Simply perfect if warmed with a spoonful of vanilla bean ice cream melting across the top. Mmmmm

    1. You should keep your eyes open for Church Bake Sales and the like. I don't think anything compares to a homemade pie. When the church where my daughter goes to pre-school had a bake sale a few months ago, I was in hog heaven. The "older generation" of church-goers were in their element, obviously!

      1. One of my favorite places for pie is K&S Cafeteria in Cary. I've had several varieties and all are quite good.