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Apr 10, 2007 04:51 PM

cooking with limoncello?

i bought a bottle of limoncello on a whim, but can't really drink it all up - as it is strong. it's been in my freezer for a year. a couple of questions:

there seems to be some particles floating in it. is it still ok to drink/use?

does anyone have any recipes that include limoncello as an ingrediant? i did read a couple posts mentioning adding a splash into a lemon cream sauce, or in biscotti, but am wondering if there are any other suggestions?

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  1. The particles are probably bits of lemon zest. I've made lemon sorbet using it as an ingredient, and it was great, if that interests you.

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      Yes, a few tablespoons in lemon sorbet/ice is wonderful. But too much alcohol and your sorbet won't freeze properly. I also use it in strawberry sorbet and tangerine sorbet, and sometimes a splash on fruit salad or over vanilla ice cream.

    2. I have made this shrimp with limoncello bruschetta--it is very good

      1. I made this a couple of times last summer with homemade limoncello. Worked with fresh figs instead of berries as well.

        1. Limoncello would not last a week in my freezer, lol! I love that stuff. But seriously if you want to make a lemoncake with it, it comes out very nice.


          1. For Easter dessert I made a lemon pound cake and added limoncello to the batter, and when I whipped the cream to serve on top of the pound cake I added more to that. Quite tasty.

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              I've made this curd and it worked great with fruit but I mostly use it when I cook veggies I toss a shot on just before removing from the pan (brocolli or white sweet potatoes) , just let the alcohol burn off. even with chicken and fish in the frying pan. i also make a orangechello and limechello. I use them for cooking also.