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Can you get any good food in Springfield, IL?

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My sister is getting married in Springfield, IL this October and I need to throw her a bridal shower--can anyone recommend either a nice but casual lunch place or a good brunch? Also, while my husband and I are in town for the wedding--how about some good dinner recs? (New American or Italian)

and if you know of any good venues for a wedding, that info would also be appreciated (i'm helping to plan)

Thanks a bunch--

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  1. Springfield is land of chain restaurants, it's hard to find good food. Maybe someone else will chime in aboout brunches, I am there only during the week from time to time. There is a place called D'Arcy's that does good sandwiches and some entrees. The consistently best place I have encountered is Cafe Brio downtown. It's been good ever since it opened about 10 years ago. Located downtown on Monroe. I hear decent things about Chesapeake Seafood (on Clearlake), and they might have rooms you could reserve. I had a dreadful meal in the Crowne Plaza Hotel by 1-55, I would avoid that place. There was a place called Soiree in a little upscale-type strip mall by White Oaks Mall, not sure if it's still there. Maybe others who live there will chime in. Good luck!

      1. I heard that Saputo's is good (I have not been there). It is an Italian restaurant.....

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          It's okay, sort of an old-school wise-guy kind of place. i'd say the food is marginal.

        2. For a bridal shower lunch, if you don't mind a little bit of frilly lace decor, I would highly recommend Tea Thyme just down the street from the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. I had lunch there with a couple friends from out of town when we visited the museum and the food was really good.

          1. The best three restaurants in Springfield are Maldaners, Sebastian's Hideout, and Augie's Front Burner. All three are downtown near all the Lincoln sites, have the best food and atmosphere you will find in Springfield. Augie's has now opened a second restaurant called August. I have not been there.

            1. For a nice casual lunch you must consider a place called Incredibly Delicious. Located in a large Victorian era house the setting would be perfect for a shower gathering lunch. Details: 925 S. 7th St | Springfield, IL 62703 | Phone: (217) 528-8548.


              Another great place to consider for the lunch shower gathering is a place called the Bluestem Bake Shop. They are located in a rustic brick building in a town about 15 miles north of Springfield. Details: 107 Governor Oglesby St, Elkhart, IL 62634, 217-947-2222

              For a “New American” dinner recommendation I wholeheartedly suggest a newer restaurant called Ross Isaac’s. They are located at 1710 S. MacArthur Blvd in Springfield. http://www.rossisaac.com/

              Good luck

              1. We just got back from a trip to Springfeld where we were attending a (motorcycle) flat track class. Our hotel was right downtown but our class was out at the fairgrounds. I wrote down addresses for some of the places found on CHOW. We flew into town and didn't have a car so we were kinda limited as to where we could go. First night we walked around the downtown area and peeked into Augie's. The menu looked good and I liked the looks of the place but it was a little pricey and so we kept looking. We ended up choosing Saputo's because it was a block away from our hotel. My husband liked the food, for me the food was fine, nothing special, basic italian, but the service was good. The place was dark, had an older crowd, and had the TV playing in the background. The next day we missed breakfast and I saw Jungle Jim's through the cab window as we were getting close to the fairgrounds. It looked like a local greasy spoon and I would have liked to go there. That night we got a ride with some people in our class to a BBQ restaurant called Smokey Bones, (don't have a clue as to what part of town this was). This place was packed, and seemed family and sports oriented. The portions were huge and the meat was good. The morning we were leaving was a Sunday and we were trying to find breakfast near the hotel. We ended up just a few blocks away at the Cafe Brio which was by far my favorite spot of the trip. Very casual, almost felt like I was back in the Bay Area (Ca.), the food was great. I had a an egg, hollendaise, ham thing that was great and my husband had a burrito with sausage that looked really good. A few of the guys in our groups went to Tea Thyme for breakfast right near the hotel, and they gave that place the thumbs up.

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                  Yes, just went to Tea Thyme on Mem Day with my girlfriend, we were stopping by to points elsewhere to visit the museum. Almost everything downtown except Subway and Cold Stone Creamery was closed, thank goodness this wasn't. Had an excellent marinated beef wrap with spinach salad side with good warm bacon dressing. Nice place, good service. Oh, the desserts were a cut above tea salon fare, too. I'd stop here if you want a good, reasonably priced meal and you are going to the museum. It's one block away.

                  Brio has been one of my faves in the past, though it seems like it may be slipping a bit. Glad to hear about some new options. Been going to Springfield for a rehearsal for about 11 years now and always glad to hear of dining options besides the boring chains!