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Apr 10, 2007 04:14 PM

late night dining/drinks

Energetic couple in our 40's looking to dine after the theater. We were thinking if Buddakan on a Friday night at 11pm was still going strong.Also need some suggestions to have drinks after dinner on other nights without having to face the "velvet rope" that are fun

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  1. Employees Only, Cookshop, Decibal (really loud but fun sake bar), Flatiron Lounge has great drinks too. Enjoy!

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    1. re: JeremyEG

      Second employees only, also pegu club for soho area -- great cocktails and snacks.

    2. stanton social, death &co (not sure what the door is like on weekends after the reopening), pastis, blue ribbon, thor, spotted pig...all have kitchens open until at least 2am on fridays

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      1. re: scanditrash

        Blue Ribbon is famous for its late night dining

      2. I have had reservations at Buddakan at 11:30 before. It definitely goes strong until 1 or so for dinner. The Times (I think) had an article a few months ago about late night dining. Covered all the standards plus a few I hadn't heard of.
        For nice drinks you might like Little Branch in the W Village. Crowded on Fri and Sat, but fun on other nights.

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          Momosuku Ssam Bar changed their hours to close at midnight for a while, but they're back to 2am nowadays.

        2. Need another late night restaurant for after the theater. We have been to Buddakan, Stanton Social and Balthazar. All of them were lot's of fun. What about; Nobu 57, Megu, Allen&Delancey, Cafe Soicialista or any other suggestions? Any location or price.

          1. I would also suggest checking out Little Branch on Seventh Ave. Great drinks in a very unique atmosphere. Well worth the trip.

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