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Apr 10, 2007 04:08 PM

dim sum or other brunch option nr. Queens Museum??

Earlier I posted a query about Asian cuisine near the Queens Museum. It now appears that we will be going in the morning with a friend and it would be best for us to have a fun breakfast (the museum opens at noon). Any ideas for a place (again, Asian would be great) that would be fun for brunch? Dim sum would be great. Not expensive would be great.

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  1. The museum itself sits out in the middle of a park next to the freeway, so there is no dining actually nearby. However, if you're taking the subway you should go one stop beyond the stop you'd use for the Museum (Shea Stadium) to Flushing. The most popular place for dim sum there is Gum Fung, on 39th Ave. in the block east of Main St. and a block north of the subway.

    Within walking distance of the museum to the west is the Italian enclave in Corona, which includes Mama's (Leo's) for sandwiches, Parkside for upscale Italian-American, and the Lemon Ice King for, well, Italian ices, but I don't think that any of those are suitable for brunch.

    1. Agree with Flushing rec - you can actually walk to the Museum from the Main street and if lucky, may score some Central American fare by the ballfields. To get to the park, walk south on Main street, turn west on Franklin ave which then turns into Avery and cross under VanWyck to the park. Once you're in the park just look for the World Fair Sphere and you'll find the museum.

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        A supplement to the suggestion of Welle that one can walk from Flushing to the Museum is that one can also walk further down on Main Street past Franklin to the Queens Botanical Garden and walk through the Botanical Garden and cross over College Point Blvd on the overpass right into Flushing Meadow Park without having to cross any streets and also enjoy some of the flowers and trees in the Botanical Garden while leisurely walking. The overpass crosses College Point Blvd right by the new Olympic size swimming pool being built in Flushing Meadow Park. Walking through the Botanical Garden is a little longer, but much more scenic than the two family houses along Franklin. We would estimate that the walk is about 1.5 miles and walking briskly, the walk should take about 45 minutes or even less time if one is a fast walker.