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Apr 10, 2007 03:58 PM

Good Downtown restaurant for this Saturday

I am going to a afternoon play downtown this Saturday. I am looking for an AMAZING restaurant, for two, that is not Water Grill. Price is not an issue. The more interesting, the better. And, if any of the restaurants specialize in seafood, let me know. Thanks!

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  1. After the Water Grill, downtown doesn't have that many AMAZING restaurants. However if you will settle for pretty good, you could go to Roy's or Blue Velvet. Roy's is a Hawaiian-based chain, so the seafood is good, but it's not particularly interesting. Blue Velvet is new and sort of trendy and probably the closest to interesting you'll find around there. The best seafood in my opinion would be at Sushi Gen or R23 but I'm not sure if you would want sushi.

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      I agree R-23 is a very good restaurant; me and my friend have been there for dinner twice. We live near Sawtelle, so we get very good Sushi more often than not. Is Water Grill truly the only great restaurant downtown? That is sad, mostly because, unlike most people, Water Grill did not blow me away. Maybe it was just so hyped up that I expected too much.

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        Agree. We had an excellent meal there last time we went to the Disney Hall. Not open for lunch on Saturday, but open for dinner a 5 PM. Nice wine by the glass selection also.

      2. Blue Velvet was very good when I went there a few weeks back.

        Roy's is good, but it's so loud and crowded. But the seafood is amazing.

        I have been unimpressed with R-23.

        Clare K.

        1. Hmm. Maybe Ciudad?

          I've not eaten there in years, so I can't vouch for the quality of the fare these days. But as part of a Downtown Experience, it might fit the bill nicely.

          1. Patina, Noe' (Omni Hotel -- often overlooked, but Gadsby's tasting menu is an adventure), Blue Velvet (hip vibe, cool restrooms), R-23, and finally, drive fifteen minutes and go to Providence. Sushi Gen and Roy's while very good are far from amazing.