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Apr 10, 2007 03:39 PM

Lower CT River recs?

I'd like to go out to a nice meal this weekend in the lower Connecticut area (Chester, Essex, Old Saybrook, Lyme, etc.)

What's the latest consensus on what's good?

I've had Restaurant du Village recommended and then panned, and later reviews seem mixed for the Copper Beech Inn. Where do people go these days for pleasant, upscale food? All things being equal, I would lean towards French-ish or seafood-y food, but I'm certainly not married to either.


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  1. A few I would mention again are:
    Gabrielle's, Griswold (Wine Bar), Copper Beech (pricey but has new room for casual dining)
    Old Saybrook:
    Liv's Oyster Bar, Jack's American Bistro, Saybrook Fish House
    Pazzo, Cafe Routier, Boom, maybe Water's Edge
    Old Lyme Inn, Bee and Thistle (have had both good and soso experiences at each)
    Haven't eaten there in several years, so I won't recommend any, but search on Chester and you will find several possibilities.

    1. Cafe Routier or Pazzo in Westbrook. I love Routier.

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        Thanks! I went to Routier and absolutely loved it. I'll be back!

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          Cafe Routier is bland. For great food, I recommend River Tavern or Le Petit Cafe. After that, it would be wise to spend $3/gl of gas and drive to NYC. This area is greatly lacking in real good food.

        2. We have eaten recently at La Vita Gustosa in East Haddam and it was very good. It was recommended here on these Boards and we now eat there when we go to the Goodspeed across the street.

          DonShirer - I believe that the Saybrook Fish House in Old Saybrook closed a while back. We still go to their Rocky Hill restaurant and really love it for its great reasonably priced seafood that is simply prepared.


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            Sorry, I meant its reincarnation, Vinny's Fish House. Out of habit I called it by its old name. I really like their fish sculpture!