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Apr 10, 2007 03:36 PM

P Town/Welfleet/Truro Fun and Funky Dining

We have out of towners from Europe and we are trying to find a fun and cool place for dinner May 1 for the son's 16th b day. What do you recommend in the Lower Cape P Town area on the water. Nothing fits the bill Mid Cape that is open that night. Thanks!

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  1. I'd recommend The Wicked Oyster in Wellfleet. It should be open this time of year, and the food is really good. It's not the most "fun" place I've ever been, but it has a pretty good vibe, and my teens really liked it and thought the food was cool.

    1. Asking for too much! Wicked Oyster--terrific food, but not on H2O.

      Front Street would be my choice, but fails for 2 reasons:

      Not on H2O. (in Basement)

      Opens May 2--misses by one day!

        1. Check to see if Ross' Grill in P town will be open. They are waterfront and will have food to please both the 16 yo and the more sophisticated palates. Be sure to check for blackboard wine specials. We have discovered some great wines there.

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            We like FINELY JPS in Wellfleet.We go with a big group each year with kids of all ages.

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              Agree about Ross' Grill - nice place and on the water... Fanizzi's is also very nice in the West End. They also have parking (a rarity). Food is good and the dining room is right on the beach. Their selections might be more interesting for a 16 year old... burgers and that sort of thing.

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                Ross' Grill is a great choice if it's open. The wines from Truro are wonderful and a nice addition to the menu. Never had a bad meal there.

              2. In P-town I think Ross's Grill is good, but sometimes the service is not kid friendly, The food is great and the view is also, Not on the water but Clem and Ursie's out on Shankpainter road has great seafood, its a funky, fun clam shack that got dressed up for a party. We also like the Mews, in the East End of town, on the waterside of the street.

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                  What about The Bookstore in Wellfleet? It's not a particularly fancy place, but has good food and a lovely view of the beach/water - just across the street. There is an actual bookstore on the property, and a sunset walk on the beach or to/around the town harbor after dinner would be a fun possibility. Or you could do the quick drive up to P-town for an ice cream (and the atmosphere) or something.

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                    I second Clem and Ursie's, except the water location. It is kind of loud and chaotic, but totally fun with an eclectic menu and the food is pretty tasty.